Status Sheet for CIS51: Must be filled out before or at the final:




Phone Number:



Back (grade if possible)

Passed in (not returned)

Not passed in





Program: Your search


Assignment: Binary search


Assignment: table questions




Program: Your fill




Program: Search verb


Extra Credit: Sort verb




Program: Sequential update




Program: VSAM1




Program: VSAM2




Program: VSAM3




Program: VSAM4




Program: VSAM5




Program: VSAM6




Program: VSAM7




Check digits




Edit questions




Batch edit questions




In class VSAM questions


VSAM file assignment - T/F and why




Any thing I forgot


Note: The final decision about an incomplete or a grade you can improve rests with the instructor and will be determined based on the quantity and quality of work received.

Comments/information/excuses on status: