The correct e-mail address for Personal COBOL support is PCOBSUP@MICROFOCUS.COM.
Please use this address for any future inquiries.

The following are the instructions for using Personal COBOL under Windows XP.

To install Personal COBOL under Windows XP and Windows 2000 do the following:

1. Place the Personal COBOL CD-ROM into the drive.
2. Select Start Menu and Run.
3. Select Browse from the Run menu and select the CD-ROM drive (D on my system) and select D:\SETUP.EXE.
4. Run Setup.
5. The Setup Welcome screen is displayed - Press OK to continue.
6. Enter your name and company at the next screen and Press OK.
7. Press Yes at the next screen when prompted to check your name.
8. At the next screen accept the default installation directory name of C:\PCOBWIN and press OK.
9. You will then be prompted to select the programs to install. Check both Personal COBOL for Windows and Personal Dialog System and Press OK.
10. You will be prompted for the name of the Program Group. Accept the default of Personal COBOL.
11. A screen will then be displayed allowing you to select if you would like to modify your autoexec.bat file.

Select "Leave" so that it will not modify your settings.

12. Personal COBOL will then be installed. You will get a message that your environment variables need to set. Click OK and Exit out of the Personal COBOL group.

To modify your system settings do the following:

1. From the Start Menu select Control Panel. Then select Performance and Maintenance and then the System icon at the bottom.
2. From the System Properties menu select the Advanced Tab and press the Environment Variables button.
3. Under the User Variables selection highlight PATH and select Edit. To the end of the current PATH add the following:

        ;C:\PCOBWIN and press OK.

4. Select New for each of the remaining options to create a new environment variable and setting.

Name Settings

COBSW +p3/s14000

When you are done Press OK and then OK again to exit.

Then download the patch for Windows 2000 from our web site at:

Personal COBOL should then start.