Indexed File Project


I have written a series of programs to illustrate the work that can be done with VSAM files. All of them have problems in them that must be fixed before the program can run accurately. Needless to say, your job is to fix them.


This is the program to create the VSAM file called VSAMPROJ - this program works, but be sure you look at the code anyway.


This program is supposed to sequentially read the file called VSAMPROJ from the beginning.


This program is supposed to sequentially read the file called VSAMPROJ from a starting point designated by the user. The program should allow the user to specify multiple starting points.


This program is working but it needs improvement to meet the specifications. It was designed to sequentially read the file called VSAMPROJ along either the prime key or the alternate key path depending on the user choice. The starting point for either path is determined by the user. Currently once the starting point is started, processing continues until end of file. The program should accept an end point and stop processing when the end point is encountered. Please fix the program so it meets these specifications.


This program reads the file randomly by identification number. There are problems with the program and also a modification that needs to be made. The programmer has been asked to modify the program so that printing is under the control of the user and printing can be done when the retrieval is successful or when it is a problem.


This program does not currently exist. Once PROGRAM4 is working you should save it under the name PROGRAM5. Then you should modify it so that retrieval is done based on the alternate key (student name) instead of the prime or record key (student id).


This program puts out a menu giving the user the choice of retrieving randomly by the record key (id), randomly by the alternate key (name), a group of records by the record key (id) or a group of records by the alternate key (name). Currently only one of those options is coded. You have to complete the program so that all four options work. The code for this program should be done without the START verb and taking advantage of the DYNAMIC access in the program.


This random update also includes code that will be considered part of the final!