Links and Tutorials for CIS54 - Systems Analysis and Design Seminar

Installation and login information Disclaimer: Needless to say, I have not checked everything listed here, many of them come highly recommended, others just look promising. If you find good solutions to any problems you encounter, please post them on the boardroom.
Relational databases Relational database info link
Relational database info link
Relational example with explanation
Explanation of normalization - looks fairly straight forward
Article on Codd and relational databases, normalization etc.
Part II of the article above
Slide show on normalization etc.
Explanation of normalization etc.
Relational model - Codd
Second part
Third part
Lots of information on normalization and related concepts
One more...
Developing a relational database
Access Tutorials and References A Tutorial on Databases Using Access 97
Access tutorial
Access tutorial
MS-Access 97 Tutorial Part I
MS-Access 97 Tutorial Part II
MS-Access 97 Tutorial Part III
Tutorial on Access
Database Tutorial
MOUS Access Expert Level specifications
SQL Tutorials and References SQL tutorial
SQL tutorial
List of SQL Tutorials
Powerpoint Tutorials and References PowerPoint tutorial
PowerPoint tutorial
CPM/PERT Charts PERT Information
Decision Tables Decision Table explanation
Very basic explanation of decision tables
Program that converts decision tables to COBOL
Data Flow Diagrams etc. Interesting real example
Library project
Information on Documentation
Notes on DFD
Misc. systems info
Example - registration
Short example of DFD
Another example
Look at the following:
Drawing DFD
Browse around here for some examples
More intro DFD
Diagramming Methods
Tools for Systems Analysis Visible Analyst Demo
If you took the Oracle course, you have the demo version of Designer. A tutorial to use with this product is:
Designer Tutorial
Another Oracle Designer tutorial can be found at:
Another Designer Tutorial
Drawing package - DFD, flowcharts etc.
Another Nassi-Shneiderman Diagram site
Information on Warnier-Orr Diagrams
e-commerce Information on e-commerce
Systems Analysis Series of lecture notes that accompany the text I recommended - they look good
Series of PowerPoint tutorials
Overview of the systems life cycle"
Materials from a course at University of Texas
Systems approach to job hunting
Systems analysis
Powerpoint on systems development concepts
Why General Managers Need to Understand Information Technology
Systems Life Cycle and Intranets
Series of overview tutorials
Project Manager Quick demo

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