Software demos:

Software demos:

The actual assignment will come later in the course but you should look into acquiring the software now. If it is a download be careful if there is a time limit. I am giving the lead-time mainly for sending away for CDs. If you are concerned about using your e-mail address, consider getting a free one from juno, netzero or another provider to use for this assignment. As I find other workable sites, I will add to the possibilities to give you more variety.

Please send away for the following CDs or download the software that contains business software for order entry, payroll, business etc. You are free to look for a different order entry, business or payroll system if these seem to be problems. You can look for demos or shareware - just be careful that shareware is of professional quality rather than a home grown version. A possible source for shareware is:

If you choose software other than the three listed below, be sure to compare the features on the packages I suggested with the one you choose to order and make sure they are comparable.

Order Entry:

Business: (An alternative I just recently found) and a lot of other demos under 2020 Software


Now pick something you are familiar with or have friends (the willing to help you kind) familiar with. You need to be able to take a critical look at a piece of software and evaluate its usefulness for the particular industry. Below are some suggestions that I found. To find them I did a search on the area along with the word software and demo. (+restaurant +software +demo). Note: I did not actually download or send away for any of these so there may be a problem when you fill out forms. If so, shareware is again an option. I also found a couple of sites that allow you to work with the software on line.



Restaurant software

Real Estate:

Car Lot Manager:



Several different businesses: