Payroll Considerations

This is a real overview - look at the specifications on the sheets that I am passing out to see the wide range of available features.

Basic Payroll Processing:

Basic Payroll information:

    1. Employee #
    2. Employee Name
    3. Address and phone
    4. Sex, birth date, marital status, # dependents etc.
    5. Date started employee
    6. Department Code
    7. Job Code
    1. Number of tax exemptions
    2. Exempt status (eligibility/non-eligibility for overtime)
    3. Type of employee (salaried, hourly etc.)
    4. Salary or wage if hourly etc.
    5. Overtime rate
    6. Vacation accumulation rate
    7. Sick leave accumulation rate
    8. Personal time accumulation rate (if any)
    1. Accumulated vacation
    2. Vacation used this year
    3. Accumulated sick leave used this year
    4. Sick leave used this year
    5. Accumulated personal time
    6. Personal time used this year
    1. Project code
    2. Current hours for project
    3. YTD hours for project
    4. Any other needed accumulation for project
    1. Commission rate
    2. Base numbers needed to calculate commission
    1. Current gross pay
    2. Current federal tax
    3. Current state tax
    4. Current social security
    5. Current for any other taxes or withholdings (union etc.)
    6. Current voluntary deductions
    7. Current net pay
    8. Current tax-exempt payments
    9. Current hours (regular)
    10. Current overtime hours
    11. Commission information if appropriate
    1. Gross pay year-to-date
    2. YTD federal taxes
    3. YTD state taxes
    4. YTD social security
    5. YTD for any other taxes or withholdings
    6. YTD for voluntary deductions
    7. YTD net pay
    8. YTD tax-exempt payments
    9. YTD regular hours
    10. YTD overtime hours
    11. YTD commission information if appropriate

Detail Information coming in each pay period

  1. Employee number
  2. Regular hours
  3. Overtime hours
  4. Expenses or commission payments
  5. Project information
  6. Sick time
  7. Vacation time
  8. Personal time