Systems Analysis Presentation to Management

Using Power Point

Due in two weeks


You need to assume that you are the analyst in charge of the New Century Health Clinic project that is built on at the back of each chapter (assume reading through chapter 5 in doing this project). You have finished the analysis and you now want to make your presentation to management (see the requirements in the chapter 5 write-up). Use power point and prepare an impressive presentation that you can give me on one disk.

There will be two grades - one will be based on your understanding, presentation and argument of the facts in the New Century Health Clinic write-ups. The second grade will be for your effective use of Power Point. The more components you add to the power point demonstration the better your grade. Consider things like transition, motion, sound, importing spreadsheets etc. Requirements are that you use a variety of power point features, that you import something such as a spreadsheet, that you include some graphics and that the presentation is effective.