Access Review Assignment

This assignment is due in one week.

Position Field Type of Data Index
1-6 Identification Number Text Prime
6-26 Item Name Text  
27-31 Number On Hand Number  
32-36 Number On Order Number  
37-41 Reorder Point Number  
42-47 Cost Number with 2 decimals  
48-53 Price Number with 2 decimals  
54-57 Category Text  
58-63 Vendor Code Text  

Using the structure described above, create a database table and enter 15 records of data. You make up the data, but be sure to look at the queries below and develop data that will allow you to do the queries.

Do the following queries. Take pictures of the query and print or take pictures of the results.


Develop a form for one of the queries.

Develop a report for one of the queries.