Visual Basic and ADO Database Assignment

You can create your own database or use one of mine - there are a variety of databases available at this site and at the CIS61 site. However, your projects have to use different tables and different displays then the examples I went over in class or have on the Web. The problems can be done on separate forms in one project or separate projects - your choice. Make them simple, similiar to the level of difficulty that I demonstrate in class.
  1. Connect to a table on the database and display information in text boxes on the form. The connection code should be done with code in your program.
  2. Go into access and create query/view. In VB display the information from the query using text boxes on a form..
  3. Use custom and use SQL text to extract specific fields from a group of records that meet a specified criteria. The data should be displayed in text boxes on the form.
  4. Take in information from two tables using an SQL query.
  5. Take in information from two tables in separate ADOs. Set up the two ADOs with the information from two different tables in the database on the form. Set up two grids and relate the information in some way.
  6. Take in a field and use it to retrieve one or more records based on SQL selection coded in your program.