Assignment #2

You offer discounts to your customers. If they are buying over 100 they will get a 5% discount, if they are buying over 1000 they will get a 10% discount, and if they are buying over 5000 they will get a 15% discount. You want to accumulate the total sales before discount and the total sales after discount.

Your form should take in the name of the customer, the item number they are buying, the price for that item and the number that they are buying. We have not covered if statements yet so we are going to do the code with buttons. The user will click an appropriate button if they are eligible for a discount (and I guess we trust them). You should also have a place to show the before and after discount on the form and I want you to put up a message box telling how much was saved for each transaction. Remember you are accumulating totals as well. And the total can be displayed in a message box or put on the form.

You should have buttons to clear and end. The total would be put out at the end.

I want you to do some formatting of the data (currency should be used), I want some colors, I want your company logo or a picture of your company or whatever you find or make on the page as well as the date. I want you to use the try..catch to catch non numeric data in the number they are buying box.