Put up a form to take in the following information - note that the year should be done with a radio button since there can only be one year. There should be check boxes where you can check off good dirivng points, accident points, moving violation ticket points and non-moving violation ticket points. A driver can have multiple of these checked so you should be able to handle one checked or all checked. There should also be a place to enter the number of points that should become visible when the boxes are checked. The data on the form should include:

The user will key in all information and you need to calculate and display information in the list box and information in the insurance premium/amount owed box. The insurance premium/amount owed is based on the year, the value of the car, and the points. The answer should be formated.
The points should be handled this way: In the items list box, display the base premium based on the year and value calculation. Then display and amount to be subtracted for good driving points, any amount to be added because of accident points and any amount to be added because of ticket points. Display the net answer in the item list box as well as in a box on the form for premium.
I also want you to write a file and display information of your choice for each record you process.