Presentations for CIS56 - Visual Basic

Powerpoint presentations of material. These presentations can be opened or downloaded for future viewing.
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Prsentations on VB 2005 Intro 2005
If and Calculations
VB Introductory Presentations - this is a set of presentations on NET code introVBNET.html (introduction)
createVBNET.html (another introduction)
variablescalc.html (variables and calculations)
datatypes.html (datatypes)
4 presentations above zipped
VB Conditions ifinven.html (first conditions)
readwriteinven.html (read/write with if)
ifgrades.html (more on conditions
3 condition presentations zipped
Guess number example
Loops, combo, validation etc. Introduction to loops
Loops continued
Combo boxes etc
Break processing
Loops, breaks, combos and validation zipped
Break, combo, validation (some duplication I suspect) zipped
Procedures and functions Procedures and functions
Functions in VB
Procedures and functions zipped
Forms and Menus Two forms
Data to forms
Forms and menu zipped
Arrays Array introduction
Arrays used in sorts
Two dimension arrays
Redim arrays
Arrays zipped
Topdown sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany topdown sort
Bubble sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany bubble sort
Printing Printing
Printing zipped
ADO ADO introduction
Zipped version of ADO introduction
ADO first continued
ADO using a grid (introduction)
Zipped version of ADOfirstcont and ADOgrid
ADO work with
ADO multiple tables
ADO update
Zipped version of ADO work with, multiple and update

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