Smartboard for CIS56 - Visual Basic

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VB Introductory Notes Notes on basic math in VB
Notes to accompany first if examples in inven series
Notes to accompany more if examples in inven series
Another view of if examples in inven
More notes Notes on the calculate programs
Notes on breaks
Notes to accompany delivery program
Basic for loop notes
Continuation of for loop notes
Two dimension array
Search and array information
Another look at search and array information
Arrays - state and 2 dim
Subroutines and functions
Day of week for 1900s notes
Notes on random processing (intro)
Notes on relative (random) files in VB
More notes on random
Notes on max profit
Notes on database design
Access ADO Notes on ADO Donor examples
Notes on ADO Donor (similiar to above but more
VB in Access Visual Basic in Access Notes

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