Function Assignment

There are several problems in this assignment. You should combine them into one program. Each problem should display the answer when a button is clicked. There should also be a button to clear and a button to exit the program. In at least one of the problems, the data should come from an input box.

Problem #1: You need to be able to flip a name. The name should come in with the format: last/first middle etc.. You want to display it as first middle etc. last.


Doe/John L should be displayed as John L Doe

Smith/Ann should be displayed as Ann Smith

Jones/ Lee Jacobs should be displayed as Lee Jacobs Jones

Anderson-White/David M should be displayed as David M Anderson-White

The form should have a field to enter the name or an input box to enter the name, a field to display the name after it is flipped and a button to perform the flip.

Problem #2: In the example, I took an address and broke it down into its components. I want you to take the components and create a whole. The data would be a city, a state and a zip code. You want to create city followed by a comma and a space, the state and then the zip.

The form should have a field or an input box to take in each of the components, a field to display the whole address and a button to perform the process.

Problem #3: You have a city, a state, a zip, a first name, and a last name. You want to create an identification code that is made up of the last three digits of the zip, followed by the first character of the first name, followed by the third, fourth and fifth characters of the last name followed by the state field.

The form should have either fields or input boxes to enter the information, a field to display the identification code after it is created and a button to perform the creation of the code.