Credit Union Database Design


You need to develop a database for a small local credit union. The credit union has customers and the customers can have one or more accounts where they can make deposits and do withdrawals. You must keep a record of the transactions in your database. Interest is added to the account at the end of the month. You must keep track of all interest payments to the account. Fees are withdrawn from the account at the end of the month for all accounts where the balance has fallen below a specified amount. You should design the tables that will be needed in the database, specify the keys and specify the columns in each table. If you see additional information that you feel should be added, add it and give me a justification. The tables should be normalized and should be presented as a workable relational database.


The information you need to keep includes:

n        Customer number

n        Customer name (last/first middle)

n        Customer street address

n        Customer city

n        Customer state

n        Customer zip

n        Customer phone number

n        Customer social security number

n        Customer account number (each customer can have multiple accounts)

n        Customer balance for each account

n        Customer withdrawal transaction amount (must be clear which account the withdrawal is from and the date of the withdrawal)

n        Customer deposit transaction amount (must be clear which account the deposit is to and the date of the deposit)

n        Interest payment on the account and the date of the interest deposit to the account

n        Fees charged to the account and the date of the fee