Quiz #1

Unlike other quizzes this can be worked on together and the answers are not due until next week.

  1. Assume you have a city field, a state field, a zip field, a first name field, a last name field. You want to create a code that is made up of the last three digits of the zip, followed by the first character of the first name, followed by the third, fourth and fifth characters of the last name, followed by the state field.
  2. Assume that you have one field that contains city followed by a comma followed by state followed by zip. Break this field down into its separate components.
  3. Assume that the whole name field is set up so the last name is entered, followed by a slash followed by the first name and a middle name or initial if there is one. Write the code that would convert the name to the format first middle or middle initial if there is one last. For example if the name was Hamilton/Susan J you would return Susan J Hamilton.