Status Sheet - Access (CIS61) - Fall 2004


Address (street, city, state, zip)





I have completed this course.
I need the opportunity to complete the course after the closing date for the course.
If not complete, at the bottom of this form please give me THE PLAN!

Please check all assignments that have been completed

I would strongly prefer you enter the grade if the assignment has been returned.
Let me know if I forgot something, I would figure it out sooner or later anyway...

Status Questions:

Have you completed the course?


If not, what are your plans? Be as specific as you can!





Depending on the amount and quality of work you did, you may get the grade you deserve with the option of changing it or you may get an incomplete or if you have not done a sufficient amount of work, you may get a withdraw. If it is important to you to get either a grade or an incomplete or a withdraw, please tell me here and explain why! If possible, I will try to honor your request, but it does depend on how much work you have completed and the quality of the work! Completing an incomplete may also mean doing different work than was assigned during the semester! You need to check with me! Remember, if you take an incomplete, the highest grade you can earn in the course is a B+. If you take an incomplete, you need to talk to me about the method of submitting work. I want the work submitted together as a project as opposed to piece by piece. Please note that there will be a time gap between submission and getting a grade - my priority will be the current semester and this should be factored into your plans.