Presentations for CIS67 - Advanced Visual Basic (VB.NET)

Powerpoint presentations of material. These presentations can be opened or downloaded for future viewing.
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Using VB.NET Review for VB.NET (first)
Review for VB.NET (first) - speaker notes
Review for VB.NET (second)
Review for VB.NET (second) - speaker notes
Review for VB.NET (third)
Review for VB.NET (third) - speaker notes
Procedures and functions
Data Manipulation
ADO ADO using the wizard
ADO using code
ADO definitions and binding
ADO udpate
More ADO (misc)
ADO sq1
ADO multiple tables
Additional ADO presentations:
Multitier SavingsAccount
PhoneLog collection
Classes Introduction to classes
Creating a class
More on classes
Raise events
Introduction to collections
Other topics using .NET Console application
File processing - seq
Parent/child and random
Image list
Introduction to Crystal Reports
User Control introduction
Zipped presentations to download Review (using VB.NET) zipped
ADO from first part of CIS67 zipped
Class presentations (.ppt)
This is a more complete set of zipped presentation - there will be some duplicates:
Review thru Parent/Child (.ppt)
Class presentations (.ppt)
ADO and image list (.ppt)
ADO handling and update zipped (.ppt)
ADO presentations cipped (.ppt)
PhoneLog Collection zipped (.ppt)
Inheritance and Crystal Reports zipped (.ppt)
User controls zipped (.ppt)

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