Links for information on the topics covered in CIT32
Open Source Database

Links MySQL site
Information on PHP
Information on MySQL and PHP
Information on PHP along with other web and programming links
phpfreaks (lots of information)
Images Managing Images with a Web Database Application
Code examples
MySQL and images
How to store images directly in the MySQL database
Inserting images into a MySQL database table
Interesting database in MySQL but using Perl
Tutorials Tutorial on PHP and MySQL
Introduction to databases for web developers
Web Database Tutorial(PHP and MySQL)
Database Tutorial
Tutorials on PHP
PHP tutorial
W3 schools tutorial on PHP
CSS CSS Drive and PHP
Position is Everything
Lots of CSS info
Articles Lots of good information on XML - links
Web databases
Introduction to Databases for the Web - part 1
articles on a lot of the topics we are covering
Introduction to Database for the Web
Backing up your database
MySQL Administration
You can search the site for PHP, there are some good chapters
Software PuTTY

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