Links for information on the topics covered in CIS258/CIT72
Advanced Interactive Programming

Responsive Web Design (RWD) The Guide to Responsive Web Design in 2021
The Beginner's Guide to Responsive Web Desig 2021
Beginners guide to RWD
RWD: What and how
RWD from A List Apart
RWD Examples
CSS3 media queries
Responsive Design with CSS3 Media Queries
CSS transitions and media queries
RWD Guidelines and tutorials
RWD guidelines
Links to 30 tutorials
RWD tutorial
A little off track - but deals with an interesting software called jsfiddle so I am adding it here.
Interesting RWD although a little old
Tutorial on jsfiddle)
Videos: Lots of things on youtube
RWD tutorial and Explanation
RWD tutorial using Media Queries
RWD Programming
Tutorial on jsfiddle)
php academy has 5 tutorials dealing with Responsive Web Design as do a lot of other good providers
Ajax Ajax and PHP
Ajax and PHP
Object-Oriented Programming Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Another article
Some beginning tutorials
From the manual
Another example
Links Source for Perl
Information on Perl
Free Perl Code
Perl information at About
Basic Perl info
Perl Book (1-19)
Brinkster - you need to open a free account with them
Webmatrix to use with ASP.NET
dotnet junkies - information on .NET and ASP.NET
4 guys - information on
xmlspy which you need to use to test XML
XMLMind - another XML editor - I have not tried it
Cooktop - another XML editor - I have not tried it
Morphon = another XML editor - I have not tried it
Information on XML
XML Pitstop - lots of XML information
MySQL site
Information on PHP
Information on PostgreSQL
Information on MySQL and PHP
Tutorials CGI101 - tutorial on cgi
Tutorial on cgi
How CGI scripting works
How PERL works
Perl Tutorial
w3 schools - Excellent tutorial on ASP.NET
ASP.NET quick start tutorial
ASP alliance - tutorial on ASP.NET
How do I... ASP.NET
411ASP.NET tutorial
Tutorial on PHP and MySQL
Introduction to databases for web developers
Talking to your database with Perl
Database tutorial
ASP Databases using VB Script
Web Database Tutorial(PHP and MySQL)
Perl CGI Tutorial - Database CGI
ASP and Access
Database Tutorial
Articles How to install a Perl/CGI script
Cooking up an XMP storm with cooktop
Lots of good information on XML - links
Web databases
Introduction to Databases for the Web - part 1
articles on a lot of the topics we are covering
Introduction to Database for the Web
Backing up your database
MySQL Administration
Mother of Perl
Problems Server error messages
Apache Tutorial: Dynamic Content with CGI
Common problems during CGI scrpts installation
CGI common error messages

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