Presentations for CIS258/CIT72 - Advanced Interactive Programming

Smartboard, and Notes presentations of material. These presentations can be opened or downloaded for future viewing.
Click on presentation or Smartboard pdf you want to see:
Responsive Web Design RWD concepts
Interesting RWD although a little old
Column decrease (goes with my examples)
HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive design with media queries
RWD guidelines
There is a series of videos at youtube by phpacademy on Responsive Web Design that I found helpful. Inparticular the following:
RWD: Understanding the Viewport
RWD: Media Queries
RWD: Navigation
JQuery Mobile basics.pdf
JQuery First JQuery Basic pdf
Second JQuery Basic pdf
Third JQuery Basic pdf
Fourth JQuery Basic pdf
JSON JSON intro pdf
Continuing JSON pdf
Ajax Ajax donation examples There are three sets of donation examples that include the code to accompany this presentation.
XML Introduction to XML
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Introduction to XML
Introduction to XML continued
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Introduction to XML continued
    Separate speaker notes to accompany XML and DTD
XML Entities
    Separate speaker notes to accompany XML Entities

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