In class link exercise


The course emphasizes the technical design, development and implementation of effective Web sites, and students learn what makes a Web site work effectively. The course teaches XHTML, HTML, and CSS and introduces JavaScript. It also introduces software to develop and maintain sites. Students develop and maintain their own web sites using these development techniques. In addition, students learn to work effectively with Internet navigation, access tools and analyze the techniques to attract viewers to their web site.


The students in this course will learn to work with an open source database and a programming language to support the database. They will learn the concepts of creating a relational open source database, querying the database using standard query techniques including SQL and a programming language and maintaining the database. They will learn to use the database and accompanying programming language in the web environment.


This course covers the creation of interactive Web sites. Students learn about CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and CGI scripts. The course teaches Perl and the unique features it offers to make effective CGI applications. Students learn about the protocols that govern Web communication. It also teaches other languages used in server processing such as ASP.NET. The course introduces students to XML (Extensible Markup language). Students also learn to develop server-side Internet databases that can be accessed from a Web site. Prequisite: CIS120, CIS122 or permission of the instructor.


In this course, students write advanced programs and scripts for server-side Web development building on the framework laid in CIS47. They increase their abilities in languages learned and build their skills in languages currently used for Web site development. The Web sites they build support databases, data collection and passing, selection and advanced Web concepts. Sutents also familiarize themselves with the concepts involved in programming for interactive devices other than the web. Prerequisite: CIS250 or CIS159 or permission of the instructor.

These are the things I want you to do:

  1. Establish a link to the top of the page
  2. Establish a link to CIS159 on this page
  3. Establish a link to inclassbasicCSS.html which is in the same directory
  4. Establish a link to my home page