Advanced Visual Basic - CIS256/67

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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Week #14/#15
Week of December 6th/13th
Continue working on the project. It is a project grade and your final grade so make it good!
Week #12/#13
Week of November 22nd/29th
Please read chapter #11 and #12.
I would like you to develop a project using some of the things you learned in this course. Send me a proposal for something you would like to do and then start coding.
Week #11
Week of November 15th
I want you to continue working on web development. This week read chapter #10.
Do a web page or pages that show an understanding of grids and JavaScript.
Looking ahead: Next weeks assignment will be to develop a project using some of the things you learned in this course. Send me a proposal for something you would like to do and then start coding!
Week #10
Week of November 8th
I just noticed that for some reason the changes that I made to the web site for Week #9 were not showing on line. Sorry!.
Please read chapter #9. I want you to continue working on web development.
I want you to pick 5 new concepts from this chapter (tell me what you decide on) and implement them in pages at your web site.
I would suggest that you combine the web information from the two weeks.
Week #9
Week of November 1st
Please send me an email and tell me how you are doing.
Please read chapter #8 and do some research about using Visual Basic to develop and install a web site.
I want you to put up a multi page web application where you can move between pages. Also incorporate the use of a database. Experiment with a variety of things in developing the web site.
Week #8
Week of October 25th
Please read chapter #7 very carefully. It talks about analysis, database design, component classes, user interface design, component implementation, application implementation and testing the application. In other words, it tries to pull everything together.
I would like you to write a short paper telling the major things you learned or got out of the chapter.
Week #7
Week of October 18th
Chapter #5 and chapter #6 build on using database with Visual Basic, a topic we started in CIS56. This unit I would like you to read chapter #6, but we will keep the focus on chapter #5. I want to make sure you are comfortable with the relational concepts, the views and stored procedures, the data set and the data table, the connections and the updating.
Sorry I have gotten behind, I was having trouble with VB on the laptop and I was away and since I have been home I have been slowly digging out.
I really will try to get caught up - I am swamped!
Write a program that uses multiple tables and relate them, experiments with the stored procedure and updating using SQL.
Week #6
Week of October 11th
Read chapter #5. Do some research on SQL if you are not comfortable with it (you will find notes in my CIS50 and CIS61 classes). Start to do a little research on XML as well.
No new assignments this unit, just work on previous assignments as you do some research.
Week #5
Week of October 4th
Read chapter #4.
Write a program where you show you understanding and use of class libraries or components, a variety of exceptions, and inheritence. Pick something else you learned in chapter #4 and illustrate that.
Week #4
Week of September 27th
Please read chapter #3. Hopefully you are somewhat comfortable with ADO from CIS56. Refer back to examples from that course.
Do something that involves the ListView Control and something that involves the TreeView Control.
I want you to use two tables with a one to many relationship, with the many in a grid that has some formatting.
. I want you to do something with binding, something with SQL and something with updating. You should also pick a couple of things from the chapter that you want to make sure you understand and try them. You can do all of this in one program or you can do multiple programs, your call on that.
Week #3
September 20th
Please read chapter #2.
I want you to write one or more programs that do the following things explained in the chapter:
  • trap and respond to user keystrokes
  • use a status strip control
  • use the error provider control
  • do a couple of things involving date and time
  • use a tool strip control
  • experiment with MDI and child within parent
  • Week #2
    September 13th
    Please read chapter #1 in the advanced VB book.
    I would like you to do the bank teller example that they do in the chapter, make some changes etc so it is clear you did it, but follow their model. I did it as an example and found it helpful in practicing what they are teaching in the chapter, I am looking for you to do the same.
    Week #1
    September 6th
    Please read chapter #12 in the introductory book. It covers classes, collections and scrollable controls.
    In the last chapter of the intro book, there are programming challenges on page 796 (could be different depending on the version of the book). I would like you to do one of them.


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