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Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! If an assignment does not have a grade it may mean that you need to fix and resubmit.
HELP schedule My office hours are 1 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday.. If it turns out other hours work better for students these may change, so check back.
I will send out the information to contact me on Zoom. I will post availability but you can also set something up with me.
Downloading WinSCP on your PC by SI Joe Fletcher
There is access to WiFi from your car under the solar canopies on the Fall River Campus.
Week #14
Week of December 6th
For your final I have a few suggestions or you can come up with your own proposal that has to be approved by me.
My suggestions: 1) Develop a basic app using JQuery mobile or another mobile method. 2) Do a project using bootstrap ( ) something we have not looked at in the class. 3) Develop a project using XML and a third normal form database. 4) Do an impressive site using Responsive Web Design (the basic HTML, CSS can be something you have started or done before.
Make up a status sheet of the assignments you have passed in and send it to me.
The final is due by December 15th and all assignments are due by December 17th.
If there are problems, now is the time to discuss, so get in touch.
Week #13
Week of November 29th
I have had some health problems lately so my office hour on Monday is cancelled while I see a doctor - I am behind too!
The STEM Club will be holding a meeting on Thursday, December 2 at 3:30PM. To attend, go to: Meeting ID: 927 8578 4723 Passcode: 422949
Read about XML. Here are some possibilities.
Intro to XML
W3schools on XML
SitePoint on XML
I want you to continue reading about XML and how to create basics XML.
Zipped XML examples
Focus on XML DTD this week.
Check back for information about the final.!
Write a simple example using XML and compare it to JSON.
Extra Credit: I want you to experiment with XML - I need you to make a fairly complex design using DTD - on the idea of the the customer examples.
If you feel comfortable enough with XML I would like you to try oil customers and delivery information. Look at the donor and donation example that I did. If you would rather, for less extra credit you can work on another basic example that does not have that complexity.
Check back!
Week #12
Week of November 22nd
Continue research on AJAX.
Look at the examples using AJAX with JQuery at w3schools. Ajax and JQuery
Ajax and JQuery
Another site I found:
Do three examples that use AJAX. I want you to incorporate JSON, PHP and JQuery so you can incorporate one in each or double up - your decision, but I still want three programs using AJAX in different ways. I want them to be a level or two above just the basics... Check back!
Week #11
Week of November 15th
I have to change the Thursday office hour to 11 this week.
Please do some research on the use of AJAX and check back! Some helpful sites.
Here are two other examples of program sets using Ajax. Documentation is inside the programs. Note that for my own sanity I put OK on them when I moved them around - you either need to take OK off or change the links to include the OK.
mysqli_proc program (basic)
mysqli_proc_table program (more complex) more complex one
Sorry, I got ahead and now I am behind - I am sure you know that feeling.
Experiment and write a program using AJAX - you can model after something you found in your research.
I want you to write a program similiar to one of the mysqli_proc programs. Max B if you model the basic one. Can get A for modeling the more complex one.
Check back!
Week #10
Week of November 8th
I would like you to start this week by doing some research on AJAX.
Information about AJAX at W3 schools
AJAX tutorial
Learn AJAX
Intro AJAX
AJAX tutorial
Intro AJAX by Udacity (free course)
Another intro AJAX
And then there is youtube:
Combining JSON and AJAX
What looks like an interesting article:
Article AJAX
Check back!
Week #9
Week of November 1st
My availability is iffy this week. My neighbor's tree took out two cars in my driveway and the power lines leaving me without power. I am elsewhere doing this. Needless to say, this puts me behind in correcting as well.
Alum panel recording from October 28th Password is egc8Vpz%
Please read this article:
JQuery and DOM
This week I want you to go back and review DOM in Javascript.
I also want you to continue reviewing PHP. Please focus on sessions. Here are a couple of sites you might find useful PHP sessions
HTMLgoodies on sessions
sitepoint sessions
W3schools sessions
another sitepoint sessions
PHP manual - sessions
Some Coding Examples
Sessions assignment: Write a php program along the lines of the Sessions Guess examples under Some Coding Examples. You might do something like take in hours worked and calculate pay.
Look at this tutorial as a guideline and create your own login to take in some information. Yours can be less intense.
You can also look for other models to work from.
Login Form Tutorial
Check back!
Week #8
Week of October 25th
Alum speakers are coming on October 28th at 12:00 noon on Zoom. I have sent you the address. If you need it again, let me know. I hope you will try to attend. Learning about what they do and their career path is interesting and relevant as you move toward graduation.
We will continue with JSON this week. You should also keep looking at JavaScript and DOM as you use them.
There are a lot of web sites that deal with PHP and JSON, so do some research and some experimenting.
I would like you to write two programs using PHP and JSON as your data source. Do something interesting.
Check back!
Week #7
Week of October 18th
This week, continuing our introduction to some of the things to know in web development, we will start looking at JSON. There are notes/presentations in pdf and examples at my site.
You should also do some research on your own to figure out what JSON is and how it is used.
Reading (a few dealing with Object Model and the rest deal with JSON):
JavaScript Objects
Creating custom objects in JavaScript
JSON tutorial
Learn JSON in 10 minutes
First of several videos on JSON The second video gets into AJAX which is the next topic so here is an introduction
Note you can validate your JSON at jsonlint to validate
A student who has done this class is really happy with an editor he found called sublimetext. I know several have asked about editors so I thought I would pass it on.
Set up payroll data using JSON. You should have information about employee, pay, job, medical and you should have three different deductions where you need to specify the type and the amount and eamil where you have work and personal. Set up at least 3 employees and then access and print out the information from one of the records and all of the records.
Next you want to make the JSON data external and again access an individual record and all of the records.
Check back!
Week #6
Week of October 11th
A site recommended by a classmate on RWD
Presentation on RWD I found interesting
Please continue reading about RWD JQuery.
Week #6 Assignment: Look at the rest of my examples on JQuery and again experiment and send me at least 10 examples of what you did.
Again, copy the JS onto a document and send that with the working code and again you can combine as long as you tell me what you did.
Check back!
Week #5
Week of October 5th
We are going to start looking at JQuery. One of the books I really like is available at it-ebooks, it is JavaScript and jQuery the missing manual by David McFarland. The address to download is: JavaScript and jQuery
There are a lot of examples zipped up under examples and some pdf files to accompany them under presentations.
There is a lot on YouTube as well - I like Little Web Hut and JQuery Tutorials Playlist and I have found some others but don't remember their names.
I want to give you some time to research, so check back! Week #5 Assignment: Look at the JQuery JavaScript covered through the basic3 set in my examples. Pick a variety of the things that I illustrate and try them out. I want you to try a lot of the things that look more complex. I want you to write 15 different things and test them (multiple in one js for all our sakes) and I want you to copy the js you write onto a document and send the document along with the working html and js code. In other words, I want you to experiment.
Week #4
Week of September 27th
Continue with JQuery Mobile. You should look at the rest of the examples that I have and also do some research on your own.
Recommended by classmate for RWD
This is Enrollment Verification week and I have to verify you are in the class. If you have not passed in work or the email a week verifying you are in the class, then you need to contact me now to make sure you are not withdrawn from the class.
Check back!
JQuery Mobile and php
Check back!
Week #3
Week of September 20th
I would like you to do some research on how to integrate both background images (background to a division etc) or regular images effectively into a page that will work on all sizes of media. Then show me your results.
We are now going to move on to looking at JQuery Mobile.
Look at the examples under basic examples to get started and second group of basic examples.
The zipped examples are there and there are accompanying Smartboard pdf files that cover some of the things.
JQuery Mobile site
There are a lot of excellent JQuery Mobile tutorials at YouTube.
Experiment a little!
RWD and jQuery mobile are two ways to write code usable on mobile devices. Look around on the web for information about JQuery Mobile
You should look at my examples (I have included everything I am asking you to work with) and my accompanying pdf files examples.
First: Show me what you came up with for the background image experimenting I asked you to do.
Second: JQuery Mobile basic assignment
Check back!
Week #2
Week of September 13th
Wed I have a doctor's appointment and need to cancel my office hours.
Continue reading about and reading RWD both at sites and on youtube, there is a lot of interesting information. You should also look at UX Design.
I would like you to do some research on how to integrate both background images (background to a division etc) or regular images effectively into a page that will work on all sizes of media. Then show me your results. (second assignment below)
Here are some references suggested by a student. When you send me yours I will post them:
RWD at W3 schools
Guidelines for responsive web design
Your first assignment is to draw your own original layout of 8 or more boxes (include some images) and the arrangement they would have at different screen sizes and then implement your design. The current wisdom is to start out with the smaller device and move to the bigger.
Your second assignment is to make a RWD page that is inspired by the research you have done. I want something reasonably complex and it should include one or more images and a background image.
Your third assignment is to look up UX Design and send me a page explaining what you found.
Check back!
Week #1
Week of September 6th


Please read some articles and watch some videos on Responsive Web Design. I have some possibilities under presentations/smartboards and links.
Look at the W3 schools information on Responsive Web Design.
Find and read two more articles or videos on Responsive Web Design and tell me the addresses.


First: I want you to experiment with writing a page that decreases columns and changes other aspects of the page. Essentially experiment with something that would work on full screen, on a pad and on a phone.
Second: Changing layout Your next assignment is to create a page that shows the 6 boxes and their movement as the screen increases and decreases. Follow the images on the pdf.
Third: Write a third page that experiments with other layout changes that you encounter in your research. Please include an image that diminishes in size to fit the layout.
Fouth: Don't forget to give me the address of the articles and videos you used to understand RWD.

Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer:

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