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I said I would take a few things at the final, so keep passing things in. If you are in trouble, contact me and we can talk.

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Week #14/#15/final
Week of December 2nd/9th/16th
Your project/final is to bring together a lot of the things that you looked at this semester. You need to submit your project for approval and tell me what you will be doing and what you will use to accomplish your goals.
Your project final should be passed in by December 16th, if you run into problems let me know. Evaluations have been put under the actual course you are taking (they are on elearning), so you can now do the evaluations.
Week #13
Week of November 25th
Continuing with Ajax.
Check back!
I want you to explain this program very completely. Tell me how it works and tie the parts together.
Program to explain
You can click here to run the code:
Running version
Week #12
Week of November 12th
I want you to continue learning about AJAX and I want you to very carefully go through my examples below:
Donor examples before adding Ajax
Donor examples with embedded JavaScript
Donor examples with separate JavaScript
Ajax donation examples (accompany PDF presentation)
It is course evaluation time and the evaluation is now available at the elearning site for CIS283.
I want you to use AJAX and do something similiar to what I did with drives and donations, but instead I want you to use projects instead of drives and hours employees worked on the project instead of donations. If you want me to check your tables, let me know.
Week #11
Week of November 11th
I would like you to spend some time doing research on Ajax and trying to understand how it is used and why.
I have put some examples and an explation of those examples out on the site for you to look at, but I would do the research first.
This is a catch up week!
Week #10
Week of November 4th
We will continue with JSON this week. You should also keep looking at JavaScript and DOM as you use them. There is information about DOM at my website for CIS122.
This is really helpful because you can validate your JSON at jsonlint to validate
I would like you to write two programs using PHP and JSON as your data source.
Week #9
Week of October 28th
This week we will start looking at JSON. There are notes/presentations in pdf and examples at my site.
You should also do some research on your own to figure out what JSON is and how it is used.
Continue checking out DOM.
Note you can validate your JSON at jsonlint to validate
Set up payroll data using JSON. You should have information about employee, pay, job, medical and you should have three different deductions where you need to specify the type and the amount and eamil where you have work and personal. Set up at least 3 employees and then access and print out the information from one of the records and all of the records.
Next you want to make the JSON data external and again access an individual record and all of the records.
Incorporate jQuery.
Week #8
Week of October 21st
This week I want you to review DOM and using MySQL to start off with. Just to make sure you remember.
I want you to make a web page that uses JQuery effectively and be aware of how you can and do use DOM.
In other words, we have tried a lot of techniques in JQuery. Now I want to practically apply it to a complete web page.
Check back!
Week #6/#7
Week of October 7th/14th
We are going to start looking at JQuery. One of the books I really like is available at it-books (thanks Sandy!), it is JavaScript and jQuery the missing manual by David McFarland. The address to download is: JavaScript and jQuery
There are a lot of examples zipped up under examples and some pdf files to accompany them under presentations.
There is a lot on YouTube as well - I like Little Web Hut and JQuery Tutorials Playlist and I have found some others but don't remember their names.
Week #6 Assignment: Look at the JavaScript covered through the basic3 set in my examples. Pick a variety of the things that I illustrate and try them out. I want you to try a lot of the things that look more complex. I want you to write 15 different things and test them (multiple in one js for all our sakes) and I want you to copy the js you write onto a document and send the document along with the working html and js code. In other words, I want you to experiment.
Week #7 Assignment: Look at the rest of my examples and again experiment and send me at least 10 examples of what you did.
Again, copy the JS onto a document and send that with the working code and again you can combine as long as you tell me what you did.
Week #5
Week of September 30th
Continue with JQuery Mobile. You should look at the rest of the examples that I have and also do some research on your own.
Check back!
JQuery Mobile and php
Week #4
Week of September 23rd
This week we are going to continue with jQuery Mobile. RWD and jQuery mobile are two ways to write code usable on mobile devices. A book I found really helpful when I was starting to learn JQuery Mobile is jQuery Mobile First Look by Giulio Bai. Look around on the web for information about it if you are interested.
You should look at my examples (I have included everything I am asking you to work with) and my accompanying pdf files.
JQuery Mobile basic assignment
Week #3
Week of September 16th
I would like you to do some research on how to integrate both background images (background to a division etc) or regular images effectively into a page that will work on all sizes of media. Then show me your results.
We are now going to move on to looking at JQuery Mobile. For now we will look without incorporating data. Then we will look at JQuery itself and then we will get to data - at least that is my plan!
Look at the examples under basic examples to get started and second group of basic examples.
The zipped examples are there and there are accompanying Smartboard pdf files that cover some of the things.
JQuery Mobile site
There are a lot of excellent JQuery Mobile tutorials at YouTube.
Show me the results of the work you did with images. I want to see a background of a container and just a regular image.
I was just looking at someone's site that works beautifully in two out of three browsers and had a problem I am not seeing in the third browser. It would be great if everyone sent me something they are having problems with and with your permission I will post and give extra credit to any or all that can figure out a solution. If you end up solving your own problem you can get extra credit there too.
Changing Layout that works in the browsers he and I tried except for Firefox. When it reduces to the lower size there is a missing box problem. Extra credit for anyone that solves the problem.
I decided I basically wanted you to experiment with JQuery. So do something that shows you are figuring out how to use it and send it in.
Week #2
Week of September 9th
I have added a few more articles that I found, so continue checking the articles and youtube, there is a lot of interesting information.
Changing layout Your first assignment is to create a page that shows the 6 boxes and their movement as the screen increases and decreases. Follow the images on the pdf.
Your second assignment is to draw your own original layout of 8 or more boxes and the arrangement they would have at different screen sizes and then implement your design. The current wisdom is to start out with the smaller device and move to the bigger.
Week #1
Week of September 2nd
Please read the articles on Responsive Web Design that I have listed under links (and any others that you find). I would also suggest looking at some of videos at YouTube and looking at the examples and the presentation.
A good concept video is RWD concepts
I found this one interesting - note it also talks about which is a neat tool (Tutorial on jsfiddle)
Interesting RWD although a little old
I want you to experiment with writing a page that decreases columns and changes other aspects of the page. Essentially experiment with something that would work on full screen, on a pad and on a phone.


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