Program Development Seminar (CIS272/52))

Weekly Schedule

Activities to accomplish during the semester This course will focus on developing a capstone project and a portfolio.
Capstone project(s): The project(s) should be something you can use as an example of your programming and database ability. I strongly suggest project(s) with multiple programs that manipulates a database, maintains information, interacts with the user, does significant processing etc. The project(s) should bring together things you learned in multiple courses and should include things you would like to know and understand. The project should involve research and development of these ideas. You should start to think about what you want to do and send me a proposal. Depending on the complexity students will be required to do one or several projects. The final project should be documented. Note that you should use flowcharts or pseudocode for the logic in your programs and those should be submitted.
I suggest that you develop the proposal for the semester long project(s) and meet with me or submit it. The sooner the better! As you work on the capstone project(s), I want a report on your status each week. By the end of November/beginning of December, the capstone project should be completed and you should setup a meeting where you can demo the results.
Portfolio: Develop an online portfolio of your work and experience as a web site. This should be something that you can effectively use to job hunt. You also need to develop a linkedin site that goes with you online portfolio. This should be designed and developed as an effective job hunting too.
Career paper: Research programming careers and write about the requirements for the job, the functions of the job and your interest in the job. You should interview 3 programmers to discuss what they do, how learning enters into their job, what they like/dislike about the job etc.
You need to make an appointment with me to show me your completed project.
If you want to meet, we can arrange a time on Zoom.


Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer (if you have or are taking a course, use the email you were given for the class):

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