Internet Seminar (CIS273/49))

Weekly Schedule

Activities to accomplish during the semester This course will focus on developing a capstone project(s) and a portfolio.
Capstone project(s): The capstone project(s) should be an interactive web site that uses a variety of languages and a variety of techniques. This should be a responsive web site that uses a variety of data sources and demonstrates the ability to develop with a variety of approches. Research should include some techniques that go beyond the material covered in the courses. The page needs to be documented.
I suggest that you develop the proposal for the semester long project(s) and meet with me or submit it. The sooner the better! As you work on the capstone project, I want a report on your status each month. By the end of April, the capstone project should be completed and you should setup a meeting where you can demo the results.
Portfolio: Develop a portfolio of your work and experience as a web site. This should be something that you can effectively use to job hunt. This is a site separate from the capstone project.
Career paper: Research programming careers and write about the requirements for the job, the functions of the job and your interest in the job. Include interviews with three people in the field.


Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer (if you have or are taking a course, use the email you were given for the class):

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