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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Week #15
Week of May 8th
May 9th is an open lab day for help from 9:00 to 3:00 in K101.
The final and status sheet will be posted one week before your exam.
Please remember that the homework assignments make up most of your grade - you need to get them to me!
Your final exam is scheduled for 8:000 on May 16th in K101. You can either email me the final prior to 8:00 on May 16th or you can come to the final and take or complete it. I do not recommend planning to do the entire final in the 2 scheduled hours. The final is given on the honor system - I trust you to only discuss it with me!
Required status sheet: Status sheet
Final Exam: Final exam
If you have requested an incomplete, you must still take the final unless we have discussed it and you have prior approval.
Week #14
Week of May 1st
I will be out on Tuesday, Thursday we will look at email and Friday will be open. May 9th is an all day help session in K101.
Your final is scheduled for May 16th and will be posted one week ahead.
Write the code to your website that will take an email address and send an email. We will do it in class for in class students.<
Week #13
Week of April 24th
Advisement Question: Several students have had difficulty finding the course they wanted if it is a Student Option Enrollment Course. You should look under distance learning in the course catalog - the course is not listed under regular classes. Confusing - YES!!!
This week we are going to look at some examples of PHP and MySQL. As always, check back!
Everyone must do this assignment: Quiz with MySQL
Week #12
Week of April 17th
This week we will continue looking at programming in PHP, normalization, and databases. We got busy doing some programming in class, so we did not discuss normalization yet - some day...
This assignment must be done by everyone: Write a program that will show the math facts and give a user the opportunity to enter the answer. Then evaluate the answer and return a message. For a B, you can simply return the message right or wrong along with the correct answer if wrong. For an A you should give the user three times to retry before giving the correct answer and moving on. The guessing game that we looked at last week should help with the development of this program.
Week #11
Week of April 10th
I have had some car problems so I an going to be late for class on Friday, April 14. Here is a handout based on what we did in class on Thursday - I need you to continue working on it. It would be best if someone took over and got you all working together. I will ask someone to go down and login the computer at the front so you can do that.
Guess for class
Advisement: Advisement information
On line advisement is available through email or IM. You can also make an appointment for advisement on my door. More dates will be added on my door.
We are now dealing with databases (chapters #7 and #8) - if you are reading a chapter a week, these should be covered - we will also spend a little time dealing with normaliazation so you should move on the chapter #9 (this week or next). This week we are going to work on the image database that we missed last week because I was out sick. We will also start looking at some interesting other things in PHP and MySQL. Please check back and see how we are doing! I am going to go over reloading a form - look at the PowerPoint and examples.
This assignment must be done by everyone: Write a program where a random number is choosen and the user has to guess the number. There should only be one page that gets reloaded. We will work on the program in class on Thursday and Friday.
Project: Everyone needs to do a project that involves PHP and MySQL. I want you to try some interesting things and push what you know. You need to submit a plan to me for approval.
Week #10
Week of April 3rd
I will not be on campus on Friday. I have to give a speech at a conference.
This looks like an interesting site: Web Standards, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other fun stuff!
Keep reading in the text. We are now dealing with databases.
This week we are going to finish our menu and load up some games, see note under last week. Next, we are going to move on to putting up an image array.
A good source for information on managing images with a Web Database Application: images and database
I want you to save the code in this example and modify it so you can use it with your own images. I experimented and this is a zip of what I created - it is basically the code from the onlamp site: example from site listed above
Week #9
Week of March 27th
Open Lab:On Tuesday, March 28th, I am going to hold open labs in all my classes in K101. I will be there from 9:00 until 2:00 (11:00 has been requested, if I am not there at 11:00 I will be in my office or the general lab - but hopefully I will be in K101). You may come during your regular class time or at any time during the period for help. If you are behind, you should make every effort to at least drop in and touch bases with me.
We will continue looking at PHP and MySQL this week.
Keep reading one chapter per week in the textbook.
This week we created a common web site. Send me an email if you were not in class and I will give you the address, username and password.
Program(s) to write:I want you to write a PHP program or programs that will add a record to a table you have created, update a record, and delete a record. You also need to show the table before and after using a program.
Class website: Please look at the common website (I made a change to one of the programs that we wrote in class - check it out. Then if you have a game, I would like you to create a sub directory and upload your small "Boston Tea Party" type game into the subdirectory. One program about moons is already there. You will need to modify the menu programs so that your program can be found. We will continue working on this in class on Tuesday.
Week #8
Week of March 20th
A group of middle school students are coming to our class on Friday. You will have the opportunity to do a service learning project with them which will involve working with LOGO, Alice and possibly Sudoku depending on the time. For the service learning project, you should put together a plan for showing middle school students how to work with these packages and come in planning to work with them. If you do not want to take part in the service learning, then please sit in the back and use it as an open lab. I will hopefully be very available since the students who want to participate in the service learning project will be working with the kids. If you plan to get credit for the service learning you should try to stay through 10:00 in K-101 if possible to continue working with the kids helping. We can talk about this in class or via email or IM.
Keep reading in the text, you really should try to read a chapter a week, so please read chapter #6. This week we are going to deal with functions and then we are going to move on to connecting to the database. You will find it helpful to skip ahead and read the chapter about connecting to a database ahead of time.
Please note that we are now finished with the beginning assignments. You had the option of creating a project (actually a second project since everyone will have to do one at the end) in place of the beginning projects. I need to start seeing some results in this area! From this point on, everyone is going to be required to do the assignments (we will be starting connection to the database and I want everyone involved). If a specific assignment is to be eliminated, I will designate it.
I have decided that we are going to put up a group website with the games that I assigned in week #5, so that means everyone need to make some kind of a game that kids can play and we will create a menu and upload to a common site next week. So the assignment this week is to finish or clean up a game you have already made OR make a game now!
The second assignment for this week is to make sure you can connect to the databases on cisweb and experiment with queries. You do not have to pass in this assignment - just let me know you were successful. We will work on this in class on Thursday.
Vacation Week
Week of March 13th
Otherwise known as catch up week!
Week #7
Week of March 6th
I will be attending a conference on Friday, so class is cancelled.
This week we will look at arrays and see what else we have time for. Please read chapter #5 in the PHP/MySQL Programming text book. There are examples, presentations, Smartboard notes and audio (although I had audio problems last week) to look at.
You should also look up register_globals and PHP autoglobals. Your book starts to discuss them.
Analysis of showbinary.php: I want you to give a detailed analysis of the program showbinary.php. In the process, I want you to look for errors and suggest fixes if you find any.
Write a program or programs in PHP illustrating your understanding of arrays. You should demonstrate three different array examples including one that has a two dimension array. I am looking for programs at the same complexity level as my examples.
Week #6
Week of February 27th
This week we will focus on loops and functions. You should also read chapter #4 in the PHP/MySQL Programming text book. As always, you should look at examples and presentations and if you miss class, I would listen to the audio along with the Smartboard notes from the class.
Your assignment this week is to write one or more programs that show me you know how to do the following: for loop, do loop, while loop, function.
Week #5
Week of February 20th
This looks like a good site - the specific address I have put up deals with forms. Form setup
Everyone in the class is going to have to do a project due at the end of the semester that will involve MySQL and PHP. For people who are experience in web programming, I think it would be more beneficial to do another major project instead of some of the PHP homework that I am putting up last week and for the next few weeks. If you want to take this option, you need to discuss it with me. Note: The topics that I cover need to be included in the project in some way: if, loop, array etc. However, any assignment that involves MySQL must be done by everyone!
I will be out of town on Friday so there will be no class. The lab is available if you want to work on things.
You should also read chapter #3 in the PHP/MySQL Programming text book.
Please look at "Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark" which is where I got the idea for the Boston Tea Party game. Lewis and Clark adventure
Please post a PHP tutorial site that you find useful on the CIT32 blog.
I would like you to write a history game for kids (make yours accurate!). It should be something along the lines of what I did for the Boston Tea Party.
Week #4
Week of February 13th
Last week we dealt with multiple tables and relating them. We also did a brief look at design (we will finish that this week and then start PHP). I am going to have you continue working on MySQL - there will be a homework assignment dealing with the things I covered last week. During class time I am going to focus on PHP which is a way to program on the web and manipulate the data in the database. For the first few weeks, we will not be connecting to the database. Please look at the beginning PHP examples and the beginning PHP PowerPoints. You should also read chapter #1 and start reading chapter #2 in the PHP/MySQL Programming text book.
First PHP assignment
I assumed you were going to put it up on the web - I should have specified that I wanted it on the web - sorry abut that!
Week #3
Week of February 6th
I am experimenting with using Instant Messaging so I decided to use this class for the experiment. I have sent you an invitation that you can choose to accept or not. We can give it a try.
This week we will continue with SQL, please look at the tutorials I listed last week at the PowerPoint presentations on SQL.
Second SQL assignment
Week #2
Week of January 30th
Be sure you look at the handout from last week about working with WinSCP3.
This week we are going to focus on setting up MySQL on a server and querying and maintaining it. You will be accessing MySQL on the cisweb server. Information about MySQL is available at their web site. MySQL site
If you want a copy to work with at home, a copy is available on the CDs accompanying the text book or at this site.
Please look at the presentations under MySQL on using MySQL. Note: You will need your cisweb username and password. If you have not gotten it yet, contact me. You should also get a copy of PuTTY to use with MySQL if you plan to work from home. PuTTY is available in the labs. Two sites that can be used to download PuTTY are:
You should be looking up tutorials on SQL. Two that I think are good are:
SQL Tutorial (based on MySQL)
A Gentle Introduction to SQL This is especially helpful for someone who has had Oracle because it shows comparisons between the two versions.
I will be available in K101 from 3:00 to 5:00 on Thursday, February 2, 2006 for help with any of the courses I teach. If there is no one there for help, I will go back to my office in K112, so come and get me! This is your time to make sure you are staying on track, so take advantage of it - please! For other times that I am available, please check Help Lab
SQL assignment
Note: Make the identification number the primary key.
Remember: You have two databases that have been assigned to you (there are named this way: first two characters of first name plus first two characters of last name plus 1 or 2). You need to put all of your tables into these two databases.
Week #1
Week of January 23rd
Read chapter #1 in PHP/MySQL Programming. We will start off the semester with HTML/XHTML. If you have already had CIS44 or have previous experience, this will be a review. For others I suggest that you chapter #1 carefully and use resources at the page for CIS44 or other resources on the web to accquaint yourself with HTML. You should also take a look at the appendix on HTML in PHP Game Programming
The PHP Game Programming is a reference book for use in doing projects. The main textbook is PHP/MySQL Programming.
The students in this class have a variety of backgrounds. Students with experience in XHTML/HTML and programming for the web, should see me for alternative assignments and projects.
Handout on using WinSCP3
First: If you are new to HTML, I want you to build a web page and upload it to the server. The page should include at least list, tables, CSS and forms. If you are experienced with HTML, I want you to develop a page that challenges you and uses elements that you have not used before - this is the time to explore more CSS or forms - experiment!
Due in two weeks.
Second: You should also accept my invitation to wikispaces and join. My space for this course is at CIT32 Wikispace The directions for this assignment are: Wiki Assignment
I will go over how to use the wiki in the first class. If you have questions, please contact me at the web address given in class.
Extra Credit: Create your own wiki, invite someone to join, they must make modifications. Send me the address!


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