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Week #15
Week of December 11th
You need to send me a list of your accomplishments for this course including addresses and zipped source code for each of the projects.
I need to receive the majority of this by the last day of classes or you can extend over the weekend of Dec 16th and Dec 17th. I will take a few things on Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th (AM only). Let me know if there are problems and I will give you my on-the-road email.
Week #14
Week of December 4th
The pressure is on!
Week #13
Week of November 27th
Let's start to get everything in order - send me addresses etc.
Week #12
Week of November 20th
I would like you to each send me a brief explanation on how to take a domain name and set it up in your environment - the information you got from meeting with Jim last week. Try to get the projects in order so they are looking good.
Stephanie you need to connect with me this week.
Week #11
Week of November 13th
You are meeting with Jim Armstrong this Thursday at 11 - please confirm with him. To date, you are each doing the quiz, the shopping cart and two other major projects on the web that involve databases and neat code - right - right!
Note the shopping cart has to be working so I can see your neat products. I would also like you to explore how to use PayPal and give me some sites with information on this.
You can post them at our site.
Don't forget to look at the neat information I brought home on mobile devises - it has been posted.
Think I overdid the use of "neat" much??????
I also want to play a little with the blog sometime so please do the reading!
Week #10
Week of November 6th
Thanks for the help with the Talbot students!
Next Tuesday, Igor Kholodov is coming to speak to CIS students at 10:00 - room to be announced. Anyone that comes and then gives me a short statement about what was said will get extra credit. Igor Kholodov is a programmer that developed a board game on learning programming and then went thru the process of learning how to go into business to develop and market the game. He was written up in wired and it sounds like he has an interesting story to share - please try to come!
I think the addition I made to week #9 did not get loaded correctly so make sure you don't miss the fact that I want you to complete the CIT32 quiz.
I have given you a lot of information on creating a blog - please read it - we will play with this.
Jim has agreed to meet with you on Nov 16th (that is Thursday at our usual time - I have a meeting so you will meet with him that hour) - I will find out where he wants to meet.
Stephanie has done the LAN party. I need Marissa to do something similiar. We are going to run a high school tech fair in the spring. I want to have students able to register on line if they have a password that their school will provide - it will be a school password as opposed to an individual password. When the student registers I want to give them a key that is there unique id. I also want to have a bypass password that can be used for onsite registration. And I would like the onsite registration to allow many registrations. Acutally maybe the school one should be that way too - think about it and we can talk.
Check back as always!
Week #9
Week of October 30th
Woops - this is the week of the kids - this Friday at 9:00 and at 10:00. Let's work on getting the site for teachers up since I want to put resources there - eventually I want to move it to the ITfluency site.
I am posting lots of information about using mobile devises that I would like you to take a look at. Please go to this wiki site and explore around: Wiki with information on mobile
I also posted some open source information for you to check out on our site.
I want you to complete the quiz assignment that was originally given in CIT32 - maybe it was more advanced programming anyway!
Week #8
Week of October 23rd
We will have to try and meet on Friday at 11 - unfortunately I have a meeting on Thursday. Continue working on your projects - have to get ITfluency site up.
Check back as always!
Week #7
Week of October 16th
Life changed last week so we need to figure out where to go from here.
First I want you to figure out and let me know how you are using databases - I have some thoughts on the ITFluency site that I want to think about - I definately want to set up a blog where representatives from the five schools can tell what is going on. So we need to figure out how to do a blog - I have put some links on the site.
I also want each of you to figure out how to have a revolving image come up on the screen - so it does not look the same.
Don't forget - we continue next semester, so if a project looks complex we have time! Do some research on how to get a blog on our site. My research led me to a couple of names to explore: WordPress, Movable TYpe, ExpressionEngine, Textpattern. Take a look and see what you think and how everyone can experiment with this.
Week #6
Week of October 9th
I have asked some ex-students who know PHP to join this blog so they can provide any incites they have to problems that are posted - mentors!
That means, please post problems you encounter on the blog. I posted the scroll bar one.
Keep working on the major project.
If you have not completed an individual web site project, you should start on that this week.
If you have not completed your individual shopping cart project, that is another thing to work on.
Please continue to post to - that is really going to be our best way of sharing information.
Week #5
Week of October 2nd
Using the language of choice, do one page on the major project to help decide which lanugage(s) you are going to use for development.
If you have not done an individual project, we need to come up with a plan.
I have talked to Jim and he is avaiable for an 11:00 meeting or another meeting when you are both available. Please make plans to meet and set up Once it is setup, we need to review what is going up there.
Keep putting interesting things on I have added some things recently to take a look at.
Week #4
Week of September 25th
Work on the design and development of the major project. Try to decide on an approach and sketch out a plan. This course is really being run project based. We need to look for one more project - I will try, you can check around as well.
You have a lot on your plates - happy multiplexing!
Week #3
Week of September 18th
Continue working on the shopping cart we looked at last week.
Make contact with one of the clients we discussed and start to analyze their needs.
Meet with Jim Armstrong about putting the fluency website up on the server.
Week #2
Week of September 11th
Develop a shopping cart at a web site.
Week #1
Week of September 4th
Your first project is to explore a variety of shopping cart solutions, post sites you find interesting at our site and develop a plan for implementing a shopping cart.
I will give you a solution that was developed by another student for you to study. Our meeting time has been scheduled for 11 on Thursdays.


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