Information from Carol Mello about MSDN Academic Alliance

  1. Students receiving this software because Bristol Community College is licensed under the MSDN Academic Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty members to access software available under the program. e-academy Inc., a partner of Microsoft, is providing ELMS for MSDNAA to them.
  2. You will receive an email with their bcc student accounts from:
    User Import Welcome to MSDN Academic Alliance: Online Software System
  3. You should click on the link in the email and that will bring tyou to the download page:
    Your MSDNAA Online Software System can be found at:
    (***PLEASE NOTE THAT IF THIS LINK FAILS FOR SOME REASON...YOU CAN GO TO: and then click on the MSDN link and it will bring you to the same download page.)
  4. You will simply log into the System using your username and password included in the email and start browsing/ordering the software available to them. Please print the email you receive so you will have record of it in case you can't remember the password or can't get into your email for some reason.
    eg. Your username is : Your password is : REG7593
  5. To get instructions for download just click on the 'help' link on the website.
  6. Also you should know that when you download this software you will receive a product key for installation if the software requires one. You should also print this and keep a record of the product key.
  7. You shouldn't share this software or product key with any because the product key is only good for one installation and you will be hurting yourself because your own install won't work. Sharing is illegial and a violation of our contract. Please don't put yourselves and the college in jeopardy.
  8. If you have trouble downloading the software at home or it takes too long you can come to school and download it here from the server and burn it to a CD (K104,K105,K102 have CD burners).
  9. If students have problems, they can contact Carol Mello but they should use their student email and subject line that says MSDN help. Carol can be reached at