The host name is

The username and password were given out in class.  You need to request them if you were not in class.

I have now opened WinSCP3.  On the left are directories on my hard drive, on the right are the directories under my user name (pgrocer) on the cisweb.  I click on public_html in cisweb to open it.


Now I am going to click on the directory CIT32 to open that.

Note that I can use F7 to Create a directory.


Now I can either drag hello.html to the server side or I can use F5 copy.  I get the message asking what I want to do and I say copy.


My hello.html has been copied to cisweb.  Now I am going to access it through a browser.  The address I will use is  Note that pgrocer is my user name and after I move to public_html, I move to the CIT32 folder. And that is where I put hello.html.