Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation (CIS120/17)

Weekly Schedule

If when I return an assignment you do not get a grade it means that you have to go over the assignment and fix and resubmit. Remember, all assignments including inclass assignments must be done by everyone.

Schedule by week Information to cover
Please note that the first assignment is at the bottom of the list posted here. You should do the work in order! I may add to the weekly schedule during the course of the week, so please check back multiple times. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Note that the audio and Smartboard presentations for each class are available from previous semesters.
Unit #15
Final Exam
Pass in what you have and note that even the things I sent back get partial credit when I calculate grades.
Required Status Sheet The status sheet is a required part of the final. I do not correct the final unless I have a status sheet.
Final Exam
Your final exam must be sent to me by August 25, 2017. Late exams will loose points.
Send the exam to the usual address and to
Unit #14 Please read chapter #7 on object-oriented concepts.
Extra Credit Assignments: Extra credit is due on the date the final is due (August 25th)
Extra Credit Quiz: Extra credit/makeup quiz (Worth 10 points)
EXTRA CREDIT ALICE ASSIGNMENT: There are examples called balls bounce that do the things that need to be done in this assignment and there are also PowerPoints that explains Alice as well. Alice can be downloaded for free from - please get version 2 and not version 3.
ballsbounce examples zipped
Optional extra credit assignment using Alice.
Make a basic Alice setup with at least one method you make.
Use the setup of: startup, process, wrapup to structure your Alice.
Use an if.
Use a loop.
Unit #13 We will look at relational databases and implementation in Access.
Normalization (3rd normal form)
Student 4 table database
Student 4 table data needed Information on Smartboard and in audio
Donor multiple table database
Soft Skills Paper Extra credit if you have quote(s) from your mentor. Remember that I suggest you ask about the Soft Skills when you contacted your mentor, if not you can check back.
Please read chapter #7 on object-oriented concepts.
The good news is that these are the last required assignments - there will be extra credit!
Unit #12 We will wind up Visual Basic this week.
Remember you should be reading chapter #5 and chapter #6.
Check back!
Unit #11 This unit you should to work with Visual Basic and look at the examples at my site.
Please read chapter 5 this week, next week read chapter 6 and the following week read chapter 7.
Note that we are using version 2015 of Visual Studio.
Your Visual Basic assignment is to redo the first JavaScript assignment but write the programs in Visual Basic this time. You need to solve the same problems using Visual Basic.
When you write the program, the solutions will be stored in a folder under the name you gave the project. You need to zip this up to send to me. Some browers do not send zipped files with executables in them so you may encounter a problem. A work around is after you zip it up, change the .zip extention to something like .jpg before you send it and tell me you did it in the email. I will then change it back to zip when I save it and everything will hopefully work. Another work around, and probably the one students have found easiest is to put the zipped folders up on cisweb in your account. Then you should send me the addresses of each zipped folder so I can download them and run them.
Portfolio Project to start (must be done using HTML that you write): I want you to start creating an online portfolio. For CIS majors you can work on this throughout your time at BCC and develop a portfolio to help you when you are looking for a job. For now we are going to do a basic start. You should make a title page with basic information and a link to a second page that should contain a menu with links to a database that you upload, two JavaScript problems you have written and other work for this or another course. You can certainly incorporate your introductory page from week 1.
The index or first page should have basic information. The second page should link to at least four things that you have done. You can put the work in the root of cisweb or you can put it in a folder.
The address should be if any/name of the page. If it is html page then it has a .html extension. The database has a .accdb extension. Check with me if you have problems.
Unit #10 This unit: hexadecimal and ASCII and then move on to Visual Basic.
Download Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft
Read the text up through chapter #5.
If you are not well into work, you need to work on getting homework in!
Hexadecimal and ASCII assignment
Check back!
Unit #9 I have gotten questions about rounding in JavaScript. The following code would round a field called ans to two decimal places: ansrounded = Math.round(ans*100)/100;
Test for upper case
Please make that you have read chapters 1,2,3 and 4 and watched the accompanying videos.
This week we are going to take a break from programming and look at numbering systems.
Numbering systems and code
This handout covers binary and hex well, but it was written over 20 years ago and the code information is historical and not current. We will look at 8-bit ASCII code in class and look at the link below.
Reference for ASCII
I recommend that you go to the Smartboard and Audio for Fall 2016 and look at the ones on Hex and ASCII on 11/8/16. There were two classes in the fall so you can pick the 11 or 12:30 or both since examples are probably different. I will revisit a little on Tuesday.
Binary and Hex
Career and mentor paper: I will be sending out the mentor information this weekend.
The mentors are professionals who went through the CIS program at BCC and are now working in the field or continuing their studies. They have generously volunteered to be an email mentor to discuss career and skills with current students. This assignment will need you to interview your mentor. I want you to write a paper about careers in the computer field. There should be two parts to the paper: The first part should be an interview with your mentor about the work he or she does in the computing field or if your mentor is continuing studies in computing, ask about the degree program he or she is in and what they would like to do when they complete their studies. Your paper should contain information about your mentor's job or degree program with several quotes from your mentor. The second part should be researching a career in computing that interests you and writing about what the job involves and the skills that are needed. The paper should include notes citing your sources (I would estimate that you need at least a couple of pages to cover the goals well). In addition, send me a list of the questions you asked your mentor. The paper is due a the end of July. If you have trouble contacting your mentor, let me know and pass in the mentor part late (the research part must be on time). Later this semester you will be asked to write a short paper on soft skills and so it would be a good idea to ask your mentor about that as well and earn extra credit on the paper.
If you are too far behind on work and you need to send me a lot of work, I am not sending you a mentor until you are more caught up and proved you are participating in this course. If you do not get a mentor this weekend and you do not think you are that far behind, be sure to contact me. I may have missed sending it some how or it might not have gotten through.
Unit #8 We will continue with JavaScript. We will look at the Math facts loops, the Guess number examples and the deptArray.html. The other array examples are optional.
Second JavaScript assignment
I also am assigning the Rock, Paper, Scissors program:
Using Javascript, write a rock, paper, scissors program based on the material you have learned in CIS120. I want your own work. If you use things that I have not covered, you need to include a very complete explanation of how they work and where your learned about them. The program should let the user play against the computer (see Smartboard notes). After the user has made a guess and learned the result there needs to be a prompt asking whether the user wants to play again. The ability to repeat the game if the user wants to is done with a loop.
Unit #7 This unit we will continue to look at the JavaScript examples at my site. They are under Programs and then JavaScript. When the page comes up you can right click and view page source to see the code that made the page.
Check off assignment: Please look at mathans.html in class (you can find information on it in the Smartboard and audio). Now I want you to change it so the user can enter *,/,+,- and the answer can be calculated. Pass in your best effort.
First JavaScript assignment
Check back!
Unit #6 Please look at this PowerPoint on loops and repetition:
Presentation on structure (focus on loops)
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation structure (focus on loops)
Last semester's Smartboard For some reason the Posting relating to last Spring Smartboard: Smartboard slides when I was going through the Presentation on logical if structures did not take - it points you to the Fall notes. Please note the loop presentation will be 3/2/17.
We are starting to look at JavaScript examples this unit. They are under Programs and the JavaScript. Please look at the first three which are named hello.html, multiply.html and multiplyans.html. When the page comes up you can right click and view page source to see the code that made the page.
Please read chapter #3 and look at the accompanying videos.
Logic PowerPoint assignment
Flowchart and Pseudocode assignment This is a quiz - however it is not one of the quick quizzes (it is really more like a test and there is no resubmit).
Unit #5 We will continue on with logic this week.
For help on if statements, look at this presentation:
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
QUIZ: Third Quiz No specific due date but I would like it soon.
Logic exercise
Check back!
Unit #4 Please listen to this video and read this handout about note taking.
Note taking video
Cornell method of note taking is the specific one to read. I also suggest checking out the other links on this page.
Review of Access and using SQL for queries.
Some SQL examples Let me know if you find a typo.
We will start looking at logic and will work on the practice exercise below.
Practice exercise:
Practice exercise
Practice continued
Presentation on using pseudocode to play computer
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on using pseudocode to play computer
Note that the group project is a check off assignment. I have not assigned groups for the assignment in unit #3 yet because students are still adding and dropping - hopefully soon.
The SQL Database assignment was posted last unit, please check there and make sure you do it.
Logic Assignment
Unit #3 If you need help with something, now would be a good time to ask your questions!
Read chapter #2 in the text book. Be sure you have read chapter #1 as well. Be sure to watch the videos that go with the chapter (note there are 5 with a time of about 4 minutes each or less). You can download the videos from Cengage Chapter 1 videos
Directions for downloading Access are located under Notes and Handouts. Using Office 365 to download the suite is probably the easiest approach.
Next we will look at SQL in Access.
I will send you an email with your group and group leader. You can then communicate via email.
Please note if you are ahead of others you should probably not plan on doing this assignment until next week.
Please note that in the groups everyone should work on all the problems! You are working together as a group!You should communicate by email or agree on another way of connecting.
Note: On the flowcharts in the assignment, sometimes the word Technology is cut off and you see Course instead of Course Technology.
Group DB assignment
Group DB assignment (html version)
Answer sheet for group project
Book Database to use in answering questions (Access2016, 2013)
Second Quiz
Starting SQL I would like you to get started by looking at the Smartboard notes and listening to the audio on SQL from the spring semester.
Softskills database to query with SQL Remember these queries have to be done with SQL that you write, not the SQL that Microsoft Access generates.
You need to send me the database and a list of the SQL queries you wrote so that if the queries get "Microsoft fixed" I can see what you wrote.
Unit #2 We will look at uploading a web page to our cisweb. Please look to see if you have an email with that information at your bcc email and let me know.
Please read chapter #1 in the textbook.
We will also start looking at Microsoft Access 2016 this week. IT has decided you should go in through Office 365 to get Access 2016.
Access 2016 using Office 365
More information about downloading is at" Download info for Access 2016
Please do not change any of the passwords we have given you. I need to be able to get to your site as does the IT staff if there is a problem. Several of you have asked about words for different colors. Here is a link:
Color Names
Uploading to the Web: In my notes I talk about Things have changed and you should now use
We will look at login to cisweb this week so check the notes on the Smartboard and the accompanying audio as well as the notes below.
To load things up on the Internet, we use WINSCP. Please read the WINSCP and cisweb information: (note that in my examples I use as the host, we are now using as the host although the old one is still supported).
Here is information about using cisweb and WINSCP at BCC
Talks more specifically about portfolio We will be looking at making a portfolio later in the semester.
If you want to download WINSCP at home, you can find it at this address.
Access2013 example and explanation:
Sample Access 2013 database Note there is an accompanying Smartboard explaining this database under presentations
Access 2013 example explanation - database is under examples
Other examples are at my site under Examples and under presentations.
The databases we created in class last year:
Created in 11:00 previous year (student.accdb)
Created in 12:30 previous year (studb.accdb)
First: Upload your web page introducing yourself to the cisweb server and send me the address. Extra credit if you experiment with linking and try links that involve subfolders going back and forth and a link to an outside page.
Second: Quiz #1
I know the quiz has days - for the summer I am saying you have flexibility in dates because of vacations etc. However, remember you should be working ahead because 15 units need to be done by the end of the course.
Third: Access Database Assignment on BCC College ResourcesThis assignment must be done with the user interface we have looked at in class, it should not be done with SQL - next weeks assignment will deal with SQL.
I am attaching a list of the resources that I found that you can use in preparing your database.
College Resources - some things to help as you put data in the database Note that I did not find something for all fields - it is acceptable to leave some data blank but you should find some data on your own as well.
Note: Assignments are not due until the week after they are assigned. You are welcome to pass them in early.
Check back and let me know if you have any problems or questions!
Unit #1 Lots of information this week!
There are 15 weeks during the fall/spring semesters and I will post the same number of units during the summer. That means that you will have to pace yourself to do more than one unit some weeks to get through the material. I would like to give you flexibility, so I will post a few units in the next week so you can work at a pace that matches your schedule. Please note in the text of the information I will end up using unit and week interchangeably. Please note that you will find the Smartboard notes and audio for the lectures given last year and I would suggest you access them. I do the summer course pretty much the same way I did the fall and spring semester.
The audio is at Audio - you can access Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
the Smartboard is at Smartboard notes - you can access Fall 2016 and Spring 2017
These are stored separately because students tend to go back to the Smartboard a lot when doing homework. There is a little adjusting to listening to the audio and figuring out when to move to the next picture of what I put up on the Smartboard. These are the inclass lectures given last Fall and last Spring and listening to them and looking at the accompanying work I did on the Smartboard will really help you to understand the material and complete the assignments. Please be sure to listen to the first audio session and look at the first Smartboard where I explain how the class is run.
Each week I will post additional unit(s) so that you can set your own pace. All 15 units need to be completed by the end of the summer course. Please check back several times during the week because I may add information and/or assignments as the week progresses. Unfortuantely, there will be no extra labs on a scheduled basis this summer. We will be communicating via the web.
If you are just starting as a CIS major, I recommend that you double check your fall schedule with me.
Please read chapter #1 in Programming Logic and Design. If you can't get the book, next week or the week after is fine. The first topics do not rely on the book. We will start to look at the material in the text sometime during the first few weeks.
You will be getting an invitation to Dreamspark in the next few days (or you may have already received it) that will allow you to download the Microsoft software you will use in this class.
You should also receive login information for cisweb which is the server you can upload web pages to.
Again, since summer classes do not have the inclass recording of lectures, I strongly suggest that you use the audio lectures and Smartboard notes from Spring 2017 (and you can also use Fall 2016). I will be covering the same topics.
We will start looking at HTML/HTML5 to develop a web page this week. Please look at the samples under Examples. We will start to look at them .
These are the pages you need to go over and understand:
There is an HTML presentation that also looks at writing code with HTML. It is under presentations and it is zipped.
Note that it does not use examples with the optional DOCTYPE on the first line.
Zipped version of Introduction to HTML
A great reference for writing HTML is W3Schools
Note that I will not always repeat the address here in the week of - I will just point you to where it can be found.
Please note that this class used to be CIS17 and some of the handouts will say CIS17, that is why I refer to the class as CIS120/CIS17.
Remember that the CSS (College Success Strategies) skills are embedded in this course. For example time management and learning style readings will help you to write the web page introducing yourself and telling me how you are going to handle your time and use your knowledge about learning styles to be successful in this course. If you complete this course, you do not have to take the College Success Strategies course.
For us there are two definitions of CSS - one is the College Success Strategies and one is Cascading Style Sheets.
Here are some links where you can find information on HTML and CSS:
I frequently search with the word "tutorial" and the subject when I want basic information.
Cascading Style Sheets:
Remember that to see the code you wrote, right click and view source. I used Firefox to make my examples.
A member of the class found this article interesting:
Improve your time management
All assignments must be turned in using the email addresses that I sent you.
There is also an Assignment Summary (look under Weekly Schedule in the menu on the left).
We will be looking at soft skills later in the semester and as a foundation for that, I want you to take this survey:
Send me an email letting me know you have taken it.
Your assignment for this week:
HTML page to introduce yourself (needs to include CSS)
I should clarify that you should use a lot of the HTML in the examples so you should use things like lists, tables, images, CSS etc to get the best grade. If you use extra HTML that you research and use to create the page you need to explain the commands for extra credit.
Also extra credit for having more than one page and linking them.
You need to pass in this assignment during the first week of classes. Email me if you have questions!


Send e-mail to Priscilla Grocer (if you have or are taking a course, use the email you were given for the class):

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