Notes for CIS120/CIS17 - Programming: Logic, Design and Implementation

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Past introductions Introduction to CIS120 - Fall 2021
Introduction to CIS120 - Summer 2021
Introduction to CIS120 (5/27/20)
Introduction to CIS120 (video notes)
Notes on DreamSpark DreamSpark
Register DreamSpark Account
Download Access The same techniques apply to other things you need to download
Burn ISO to CD
Install and Register (Access)
Downloading Access 2013 from Office 365 Access 2013 through Office 365
Download for Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop VB Express for desktop
Portfolio Portfolio Project
The portfolio is required for all career students and recommended for all transfer students. It will be started in CIS17 as a requirement in the course. For career students it should be supplemented as you take courses (we recommend the same approach for transfer students). During the career capstone course, it will be further developed and evaluated.
Notes on Access Notes on Access from CIS61
Notes on StarLogo Logo commands
Notes on procedures in StarLogo
Notes on DimDim Using DimDim
Binary, hexadecimal and computer codes Numbering systems and codes
Decision Tables Notes on decision tables
Decision table examples
minor total program
minor, intermediate and major total program
tablsoup program which does a search
bubble sort program
Visual Basic Bubble sort: Pseudocode, COBOL, & VB
Logic Notes on processing involved with sequential update
Relational database rules Relational database - normalization rules

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