Notes for CIS50 - Oracle and SQL

Notes and handouts Link to retrieve
Introduction to Relational Databases Student
Introduction to Oracle and SQL Introduction to SQL in Oracle
Create a table in SQL
SQL Conditions
Working with SQL
SQL and SQL*Plus More on maintaining an SQL table
SQL functions
More SQL functions
Group SQL functions
Introduction to multiple tables (relational) - joins
Relational database examples
Oracle Join statement
More on subqueries
Using input variables
More on variables with Oracle's SQL*Plus
Table maintenance revisited (again)
Continuation of table maintenance revisited (again)
Introduction to views
Introduction to reports
Indexes in Oracle - An introduction
More on Primary and Foreign keys
Notes on key questions
More on views
Information on database objects
Script for input data
Older versions Introduction to user security
Copying a Table from DEMO
Exporting an Oracle table (older version)
PL/SQL Introduction to PL/SQL
More examples of inner/outer procedures
Introduction to IF statements
More on PL/SQL IF statements
Introduction to loops
Data manipulation in PL/SQL - introduction
Record and table types
Introduction to Cursors
Example 1 using cursors
Continuing example 1 using cursors
Another set of cursor examples
Introduction to exceptions
Introduction to procedures
Introduction to functions
Internal procedures
More on internal procedures and functions
Still more on procedures and functions
Introduction to triggers
More on triggers
Developer 2000 Introduction to forms using the form wizard
Introduction to reports using the report wizard
More on forms
More on reports
Forms and buttons
Form without the wizard
Information about forms and triggers
Triggers etc.
Introduction to query building
Query builder with 2 related tables
Misc. Normalization definitions
Normalization - Relational Database Introduction to third normal form
Contribution system notes
Student data system notes
Notes on basic order entry
Payroll data notes
Medical clinic notes
Text book notes

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