Introduction to Programming (COBOL) CIS12

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Information Introduction to CIS12 - methods, expectations etc.
Syllabus for CIS12
Resources Notes and handouts for CIS12
Presentations for CIS12
CIS12 Chat Room
CIS12 Bulletin Board
Sample programs for CIS12
Sample programs and files that you can copy and run on a computer - many are also available in the CIS12U directory on the K building computers - no password is needed to access these files. Ask a lab assistant for help accessing these files.
Work Weekly Schedule for CIS12
Assignments for CIS12
Programs for CIS12
Test information for CIS12
COBOL Links Information about a student version of COBOL. Note: There are other alternatives - this is compatible with the COBOL installed at BCC. - another site offering information and links - MicroFocus COBOL home page offering links and information on compiler
Objectz COBOL site
another site for COBOL
COBOL Style Forum

Notes and handouts Link to retrieve
Introduction Introductory concepts of programming
Introductory notes on programming in COBOL
Sample program with audio explanation
Sample program (SAMPLE1.CBL) with comments and input/output
Show program SAMPLE1.CBL on COBOL coding form
Introductory notes on flowcharting
Relating flowchart for SAMPLE1 to code for SAMPLE1
Instructions Downloading programs from the Internet
COBOL in K104 - login instructions
Compiling and running at BCC
Possible problems installing MicroFocus COBOL at home
More information on using MicroFocus COBOL
Headers Notes on headers
Program with input and output
Report layout and output of headers from SAMPLE2.CBL
Numeric data Notes on numeric data
Notes on literals
Toys1 program with audio - this program is really an example of headers on page 1 with some numeric data editing
Toys1 program with input/output - covers headers on page one and some numeric data editing
Examples of data editing
Same examples of data editing, but with audio explanation
Notes on calculations
Notes on constants
Notes on the COMPUTE statement
Notes on working with percents
Final Totals Notes on final total lines
Program with final total lines and audio explanation
Flowchart of final total logic with explanations
fintot.html Sample program used as basis for ones below.
fintot1.html Minor changes to a program with a total line.
fintot2.html Different style for writing a total line.
fintot3.html Final total program with calculation on detail line.
fintot4.html Final total program with detail line set up in WORKING-STORAGE
IF conditions, level 88 and case structure Notes on IF statements
Notes on level 88
Notes on case structure
Notes on implied if
Logic flowchart linked to program if88in1.cbl
IF statement program with notes (program is mathif.cbl)
IF statement program with audio explanation
Editing data for accuracy Notes on checking/editing data for validity
Explanation of payedit program including both written and audio
Flowchart and related code for payedit.cbl
Hierarchy chart for payedit.cbl
Hierarchy chart for payedit1.cbl
Tables Notes on one dimensional tables
Notes on two and three dimensional tables
Screen processing Notes on screen processing
Screen output from first screen programs
Breaks (Minor, Intermediate and Major) Notes on break processing Includes minor, intermediate and major breaks as well as group indicating and group printing
Hierarchy chart and logic flowchart with mapping to program -MINOR.CBL

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Presentations Link to retrieve
PowerPoint Presentations: Free viewer for PowerPoint! Students are reporting easier use with Netscape! Note that the speaker notes are provided on a separate Word document if you are having trouble accessing them!
Introduction to COBOL Presentation on first program - SAMPLE1.CBL
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Presentation on first program - SAMPLE1.CBL
Final Totals
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Final Totals
IF statements
    Separate speaker notes to accompany If statements
Presentation on second programming assignment
    Separate speaker notes to accompany second programming assignment
Presentation on program if88in1.cbl
    Separate speakers notes to accompany program if88in1.cbl
Edit Program notes
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Edit Program notes
Introduction to tables
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Introduction to tables
Minor break logic and processing
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Minor break logic and processing
Minor, Intermediate and Major break logic and processing
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Minor, Intermediate, and Major break logic and processing
Presentation on basic tables
    Speaker notes to accompany Presentation on basic tables
Presentation on 2 and 3 dimemsion tables
    Presentation on 2 and 3 dimension tables

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Assignments Link to retrieve
Due dates Unless the assignment specifies differently, written assignments are due in two class days for the on campus class and within a week for the Internet class. Check the week schedule to determine when the assignment was posted.
Assignments Information sheet - must be filled out and submitted
First assignment using FDs
Program to finish
Edit numeric data This will be started in class and finished as homework.
Second edit numeric data
Third edit numeric data - with signs
Editing data assignment #4    MAKEUP assignment - not required
Math statement assignment
Math Assignment
IF assignment - pick correct solutions
Quiz on edit if statements may be discussed with others and you may also ask me questions.
Questions on edit program
Table assignment to work with one table

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Programs to write Link to retrieve
Due dates and specifications Unless specified differently on the program, programs are due in three weeks. When a program is passed in, it should include the logic flowchart, the rough code or notes that you made prior to writing the program, a print out of the program code, a print out of the output that the program produced. For web students, the flowchart and rough code should be mailed, put under my door, or put in my box unless you have access to a scanner.
Must be written - run for extra credit Program to write
c12toys.dat    This is the data file for the program above.
Program Project #1 First programming assignment with extra credit
Data file for the first programming assignment.
Note we have not covered the information on two of the extra credit options yet. We will cover one of them next week and one on the following week. My suggestion is that you write the basic program, include the extra options that we have covered if you want to and then revise the program to include the rest of the extra credit if you want to!
Program Project #2 Second programming assignment
Data file for the second programming assignment.
Program Project #3 Third programming assignment - edit program
Data file for the third programming assignment.
Program Project #4 Fourth programming assignment - screen and tables
Program Project #5 Fifth programming assignment - breaks
breakasg.cbl Break program to be modified - cbl version
breakasg.html Break program to be modified - html version
break00.dat Data for the break program

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Test Information Link to retrieve
Alternative to the final exam. You may only take the alternative if you are reasonably caught up. See the details on the program specifications! If you have any questions, please ask.
This program must be written completely on your own - you are on your honor not to discuss it with anyone else. If you have any questions, feel free to address them to me, BUT only ME!
Alternative to the final
Data for the alternative to the final - colbreak.dat
DUE AT 8:00 on Monday, December 18th - can be passed in at the scheduled final or sent to me via email.
If you send it via email send it to me at home and to
The final exam is available distance learning. You may take the exam and email it to me prior to 8:00 on Monday, December 18th, or you may take it and turn it in to me at the start of the exam on Monday at 8:00, or you make take the final during the designated time in the designated room.
To summarize, you must either get the final or the programming alternative to me by 8:00 on Monday, December 18th or you must take the final during the designated time at BCC.
Final exam
Note that this exam is to be taken using the honor system. You may only ask questions of me!
Required status sheet - must be submitted by the time of the exam.

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