Disclaimer: We tried our best to get these correct, but there may be errors that we did not catch. The catalog should be you major resource. If you find an error, let us know. The new advisement has a lot of changes, we tried to catch everything, but we are concerned.
The required College Success Strategies (CSS) have been embedded in CIS120 and CIS123 so students who take either of these courses are not required to take an additional CSS course.

Advisement on courses to take your first semester:
First semester CIS/CIT courses

Note the list of courses to meet Competency Requirements has been expanded and is available in the catalog. The listings below do not reflect this update, so be sure to check them out if you would like more flexibility.
  • FOR 2009/2010:
  • Business Information Systems option
  • Programming option
  • Networking option
  • Webmaster option
  • Multimedia and Internet option
  • Game Development option
  • Computer Security option
  • Information Systems Transfer option
  • Computer Science option
  • Computer Forensics option
  • check back catalog
  • Note that HST113 can be used as well as HST114.

    Welcome to a new semester in the CIS Department at BCC!

    If you have any questions about what to take, please try to see Priscilla Grocer, William Berardi or a member of the CIS faculty during the first week of school to get help. Full time faculty are: Janelle Arruda, Sil Ferreira, Igor Kholodov and Rose Ferro. Raymond Steele is the coordinator of the game options. The sooner you can get your question answered the better.

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