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Weekly Schedule

The college is not allowing people to withdraw until April 11th and the they will also let us know when the last date to withdraw will be (April 30th I believe). If you want to evaluate your status you can contact me and we can talk about a variety of options depending on your status. If you are behind, your first move should be to get in touch! We can talk about extensions and other options.

The CIS pool is now available for students that need to access licensed software that they cannot use from home.
Remote access virtual desktop
Instructional video for using Remote Access Virtual Desktop - HTML

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. You should buy the CGI/Perl Text by Diane Zak (check used books) for the end of the semester. The book used be around $10 - it is now really high so if you cannot find it or a substitute lete me know and I will send material to you.
HELP schedule To contact Joe use He will be available from 9-2 on Mon thru Fri for open labs at this address: Collaborate
For hours outside of that he will be using Microsoft Teams which is available to you through Office 365. Send him an email from your bcc account with the classes you want to connect to and you will get a link to join. Here is a brief run down on how it works and what to expect: Microsoft Teams overview
There is access to WiFi from your car under the solar canopies on the Fall River Campus.
Week #11
Week of April 6th
Project in Perl, Node.js or another project we agree on for the rest of the semester.
You also have a final exam project in JavaScript.
There will be no further postings - ask questions if you are unclear on anything.
Week #10
Week of March 30th
I will give extra credit to anyone who goes to the Collaborate site (see link in HELP above) and either works with Joe on something they need help with or shows him something they have done for the course. Send me an email and let me know what you did. Actually this applies to doing something with Joe using Teams app as well.
I would like you to start an assignment on another topic. You can choose Node.js which will involve individual research, learning Perl which has a lot of notes and examples or another topic that you and I agree on. Please let me know which direction you would like to take. I will get back to you on this - I am having some problems with the server and storage. The information about Perl is at Perl Information If you decide to go with Node.js it is an independed project and you and I need to agree on the scope.
Your final in this course is to do a significant project using JavaScript. There should be a lot of processing, user input, features, links etc. You can run it by me. This is a catch-up week and also a chance to get started on the final.
Week #9
Week of March 23rd
Officially there are no classes and no assignments this week. However, I decided to post this weeks work anyway so you can get started on it if you choose to. I feel that choosing to do the work this week will spread the work out better and make the end of the semester easier no matter how it is handled. I will keep putting out the work for each week as originally planned to give you more flexibility. Late points will not be taken. Again, it is your choice whether you do the work this week or leave it for next week.
Go to JavaScript how to and explore.
Now lets do a similar assignment.
Under the more there are some neat things including how to chat etc. Pick 10 that interest you. Can combine some, just have to let me know what you did.
Week #8
Week of March 9th
Go to JavaScript how to and explore.
Now lets do a similar assignment.
Pick 5 different forms and write programs that use them. I would do one basic program and then change it with the different menus. Now try three filter and one of the tables they give.
Week #7
Week of March 2nd
Go to JavaScript how to and explore.
Pick 5 different menus and write programs that use them. I would do one basic program and then change it with the different menus. Do the same with images and buttons - pick 5 of each and implement them.
Week #6
Week of February 24th
Continuing with JQuery.
Continuing with JQuery, I want you to do the week #6 assignment in CIS258. If you are taking both classes then I want you to really explore JQuery in more depth.
Week #5
Week of February 17th
There are lots of examples of Hangman games written in JavaScript on the web and in books. Feel free to look at them to help you understand how to write one.
I also want you to experiment with JQuery so I am asking you to do the same assignment that I gave for week #5 in CIS258. If you are in both classes then I want you to explore more deeply in JQuery and do some additional work.
I want you to write a Hangman game in JavaScript and include at least one drawing in it at some point.
I want you to do the JQuery assignment under CIS258 and if you are in both classes make it deeper and more complex.
Week #4
Week of February 10th
My husband is in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery and I am behind!
This week I want you to read about and experiment with graphics in JavaScript.
I found a nice group of tutorials by Adam Khoury on youtube but you can also look for others if you do not like his style.
I also found this site on drawing graphics
Basic animation
Another explanation of drawing shapes
Experiment and check back! If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it. I have tried a few free ones but have not found anything I really like.
I want you to try five different things in drawing - they can be modifications of existing examples or original. If you modify please give me the address of the original.
Week #3
Week of February 3rd
Continue working on object-oriented programming.
Check back!
Week #2
Week of January 27th
This week I want you to read about and use some new things in JavaScript. First I want you to research and read about object-oriented JavaScript. Here are some articles I suggest:
Javascript objects
Object-Oriented JavaScript
I also want you to work with arrays, functions and the try...catch.
Examples of OOP, arrays, functions and misc
If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it.
Second JavaScript assignment
Week #1
Week of January 20th
The first topic of this course will be a continuation of JavaScript, so please review the JavaScript from CIS122. I want you to specifically look at the examples under functions, loops, arrays and other (includes check boxes and radio buttons). Assignments:
Solve the following problems using JavaScript (include a flowchart or pseudocode for each

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