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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Week #1:
Week of Janaury 19th
Read chapter #1 and chapter #2 in the CGI/Perl text.
Student downloads
Look at the first three PowerPoint presentations under the topic CGI/Perl. Presentations
Look at the code for the programs which can be opened under Printed code to accompany examples for week #1. You can also download many (not all) of the examples from the beginning cgi/perl and beginning HTML. Examples
Do one of the hands on projects from chapter #1 and one of the case projects from chapter #2. Only code is required - extra credit if you get them running.
Week #2
Week of January 26th
Read chapter #3 and #4 in the CGI/Perl book. Look at the examples which you will find listed under examples for chapter #3 and chapter #4 and also in the zipped collection of examples under begin. Also look at the PowerPoint Presentations called variables and forms and array and hash variables.
Carol Mello is creating passwords for you to be able to use cisweb. If you need one (an are on campus) you can check with her - otherwise, I will email them when I get them.
Under Postings/Notes on my home page, there is a link to some new scholarship information.
Do one of the case studies from Chapter #3.
Finish chapter #3 and #4 - your assignment for chapter chapter #3 and #4 is to develop your own program(s) using the important things covered in chapter #3 and #4. (Include declaring scaler variables, assigning values, sending form data using GET and POST, creating and using an array, creating and using a hash, for and foreach).
Week #3
Week of February 2nd
Read chapter #5 and #6 in the CGI/Perl book.
Look at the examples for chapter #5/#6 and the presentations on data files and if.
Be sure you notice the assignment related to chapter #4 which is posted under week 2.
Write a program that creates a file using the methodology in chapter #5. Once the program is written, write programs to retrieve information from the file. You should write the following programs: retrieve using an if with an else, retrieve using a compound AND or OR with an else, retrieve using a nested if with a nested if under the original if and a nested if under the else of the original if.
Week #4
Week of February 9th
Read chapter #7 and #8 in the CGI/Perl book.
Some of the information in this chapter we are not going to have in an assignment. There is some interesting information here and you might consider pursuing it for your semester project. But essentially we do not have time to do everything completely. We will focus on the topics in my examples (see code examples).
Look at the programs on functions and the presentation on functions.
I had some email problems this morning and lost some email (mainly things delivered on the morning of the 11th), if you did not get a response or you suspect something did not get through, please send it again.
Perl function assignment
Week #5
Week of February 16th
Read chapter #9 in the CGI/Perl book - dealing with databases. You should also look at the examples and presentations. The book does not deal with Access so there is no text backup for the example using Access.
I went to Brinkster and the free offer is there - please sign up for an account we will be using this account to work with ASP.NET.
Write a program using a Perl database. You should be able to make additions, changes and deletions to the database. Try to improve mine so that you cannot add if there is a record with the same key.
Week #6
Week of February 23rd
Read chapter #10 in the CGI/Perl book - in fact it would be great if you just read the rest of the book - we are not going to deal with all topics. We will deal with email. Look at the PowerPoint and the sample code for mail.
This week we are going to start dealing with ASP.NET. I would go looking for some tutorials or a thin book. I found the w3schools had good information.
Be sure you look at ASP.NET and not ASP (ASP is a previous version).
I have set up an account at with cisstudent as the user. Email me to get the password. The examples we are going over are there so you can download them for your own use. Please do not load any programs etc up to this site. This is for me to make programs available to you.
Please look at the examples and the accompany PowerPoint presentation called ASP.NET Introduction.
ASP.NET assignment #1
Week #7
Week of March 1st
You should be finding information on ASP.NET - again I recommend the tutorials at as a good starting place. If you find other good tutorials or for that matter, books you like, please let me know and post it on the board.
We will look at the examples under controlsbegin and controlsweb on Brinkster using cisstudent.
Assignment on HTML server controls and Web server controls
Week #8
Week of March 8th
I want you to continue to look at the ASP.NET examples that I handed out in class. In addition, I would like you to go to the following site and work with this tutorial: ASP.NET tutorial Assignments:
No new assignments this week - catch up week!
Week #9 Vacation Week
Week of March 15th
Hope it was an enjoyable and productive week!
Week #10
Week of March 22nd
Continue with the ASP.NET examples that I handed out in class. We will aim to finish all that are loaded under database at cisstudent - if we don't make it, we will finish on Tuesday. This Friday will be a class dealing with Access and ASP.NET.
Your end of semester project is to explore an area that I have not covered dealing with cgi/Perl, ASP.NET, or the other topics we have not reached yet. You should do a write up of what you propose doing and get my approval before doing it. The project should result in a program or programs of reasonable substance.
ASP.NET Update Assignment
Week #11
Week of March 29th
We will wind up ASP.NET (and return to it after some XML). Be sure you have looked at the examples and the PowerPoints. Next we will start XML.
Read the first chapter/tutorial and then move on to the second. We will be looking at the structure and then looking at the impact of CSS.
Start looking at the PowerPoints as well.
XML assignment #1
Week #12
Week of April 5th
We will continue working with XML this week. Finish reading the second chapter/tutorial and move on to the third. We will finish looking at XML examples and will look at using XML with ASP.NET.
XML assignment #2
I have been sick since the weekend, so I have accomplished little or nothing. I am starting to feel better so I am hoping to get some correcting down this afternoon and this evening.
Week #13
Week of April 12th
We will look at XML with ASP.NET. The examples are on cisstudent under ASPXML.
You should be reading along in the XML book through DTD. The rest is definately worth looking at on your own some time.
Using my examples as your guidelines, do two different things with ASP.NET using XML.
What are you project plans? Please let me know!
Week #14
Week of April 19th
You should be reading along in the XML book through DTD. The rest is definately worth looking at on your own some time.
Next, we will take a quick look at mySql and PHP.
Your assignment this week is to create and populate a couple of mySql tables.
Information about login to cisweb to use mySql (using putty)
Week #15
Week of April 26th
You should be looking at the basics of php this week.
Information about MySQL
Information about php
I want you to write a program using php that queries an MySql table. Extra credit if you update it as well!
Week #16
Week of May 3rd
Let me know when you want me to send you the final and status sheet.

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