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Assignments Week #1
May 30th
Student survey - must be sent to me!
Read the notes and study the presentations for: Introduction to SQL in Oracle, Create a table in SQL, SQL Conditions and start reading Working with SQL.
Note the first few slides in Working with SQL show login procedures using scott and tiger.
Oracle assignment on introductory material - due in a week hopefully but two is okay
Assignments Week #2
June 6th
Remember, I am not on campus this week.
Read the notes and study the presentations for: More on maintaining an SQL table & SQL functions (presentation has part 1 & part 2)
Read more of the notes and presentation for Working with SQL. The notes and presentations have much of the same information, but both contain information not found in the other. This is particularly true this week, because the differences between 2000 and 1900 are dealt with in the presentation.
Remember: The goal is to learn this information and practice it. Trying a lot of the exercises in Oracle would definately be a good plan. Any exam I give is open notes/open book. So truly, I want you to understand, not memorize!
Oracle create, query and maintain assignment with functions
Assignments Week #3
June 13th
Read the notes and view the presentations on more SQL functions which includes Decode and nested functions and the notes on group SQL functions.
Read the notes and view the presentation on multiple tables.
View the presentation on normalization (3rd normal form).
Read the notes and view the presentation on relational database examples.
View the presentation for the student system relational database example.
Remember I post things as I want you to read them or view them. All of the notes and presentations that I have posted should be read and viewed.
Read outside information in your text, on the Web or from a book on databases on developing relational databases and on third normal form.
Second function assignment
Relational database project (due in two weeks)
Assignments Week #4
June 20th
Read the notes and view the presentations on the following:
  • Subqueries
  • More on Subqueries
  • Using Input Variables
  • More on Variables with Oracle's SQL*PLus
  • Table Maintenace Revisited (again)
Quiz #1
Assignment on subqueries and variables
Assignments Week #5
June 27th
Read the notes and view the presentations on the following:
  • Continuation of table maintenance revisited (again)
  • Exporting an Oracle table (no presentation for this handout)
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to Reports
Assignment on views and reports

I talked to the people in class and they agreed with my recommendation that we continue with a normal week next week so that free time will come at the end of the semester when you are even more overwhelmed than you are now. If you want to take next week off, you will have to get caught up as you can...there will be time at the end... The next topic is indexes and the information on that is already posted. Enjoy the 4th!
Assignments Week #6
July 4th
Read the notes and view the presentations (note the last two are combined in one presentation) on the following:
  • Indexes in Oracle - An Introduction
  • More on Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Notes on key questions
Assignment on keys and indexes    Due in two weeks
Assignments Week #7
July 11th
Read the notes and view the presentations:
  • More on Views (notes and presentation)
  • Information on database objects (notes and presentation)
  • Script for input data
  • Introduction to user security
Start reading the introductory material on PL/SQL that has been posted. Also look for a source for information on PL/SQL on the Web or in a book.
Second Oracle quiz
Spend all your free time getting caught up - we start PL/SQL assignments next!
Assignments Week #8
July 18th
Read the notes and view the presentations:
  • Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Introduction to IF statements
  • More on PL/SQL IF statements
  • Introduction to loops
PL/SQL IF statements and LOOPS
Looking ahead to the notes on data manipulation might help with the extra credit.
In response to some questions about using tables stored under the user DEMO, please read the last entry in SQL entitled Copying a Table from DEMO.
Assignments Week #9
July 25th
Read the notes and view the presentations on:
  • Data manipulation in PL/SQL
  • Record and table types
  • Introduction to cursors
  • Example 1 using cursors
  • Continuing example 2 using cursors
Assignment on basic cursors, record and types
Assignments Week #10
August 1st
Read the notes and view the presentations on:
  • Another set of cursor examples
  • Introduction to exceptions in PL/SQL
  • Introduction to Procedures
  • Introduction to Functions
It would also be a good idea to start looking at the other notes on procedures, functions and triggers. Note that these are the last topics that officially are part of the course. The notes have been posted, the slides will be posted as they are prepared. I will also post developer information for the last week.
Cursor, exception assignment.
The good news is this is the last homework assignment! However, the project assignment which will occupy a few of your hours in August is posted below!
Oracle Project - a must do!!! The level of sophistication used in this project will have an impact on the grade - in other words the A and B level project will have to be reasonably well thought out, well designed and "professional". "Keep it real simple" cannot be your main design goal!
Project HINTS: When you use multiple cursors, I am going to be looking for an interrelation between them as I have illustrated in several examples. In other words, fill the second cursor based on what the first cursor is currently pointing to, close and reopen the second cursor etc. Make it a one to many relationship between the cursors!!!!
Assignments Week #11
August 8th
Look at the modified Project HINTS above - I will probably add some here as people ask questions - also check the board for hint/comments!
I will hold a class this week on cursors, exceptions, procedures, functions and triggers.
Yes, there will be a final - it will be posted in mid August and due the day of the final - details to follow.
The rest of the presentations on procedures, functions and triggers have been posted. Please finish reading about these topics.
I have also posted the notes on Developer for anyone with time on their hands. In all seriousness, you might consider looking at them some time in the future when you are missing Oracle and me!!!
As promised, no new assignments this week!
The final has been posted!
Assignments Week #12
August 15th
As promised, no new assignments.
I will be out of town from the 16th until the 22nd so check over the final (it has been posted) and see if you have an questions.
Assignments Week #13
August 22nd
Notice that this is the free week that I promised you - don't you feel like it is a free week! If you want to, you can keep working on the project and the final (due next Tuesday)!

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