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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Notes and assignments #15 You can ask for the final any time after August 17th - you will have one week to do it.
Notes and assignments #13and #14 Continue reading the text.
This session I would like you to write a program using object-oriented programming principles and a database. You should incorporate 4 new tools into the project.
Notes and assignments #12 Please skim chapter #6 and then move on to dealing with Web forms and databases by reading chapters #7, #8, and #9. By the end of the class, I would like you to read through chapter #10 and #11.
I want to work on a project involving ASP.NET. I am still playing with this and I want you to do the same. I have gotten ASP.NET out of Visual Studio working with localhost only. I have written in ASP.NET successfully and have that up on my Brinkster site for CIS47. I suggest take a look at the ASP.NET examples I have posted under my CIS47 course. The latest version of Visual Studio handles ASP.NET a lot better. If you have it you can try it out. Then experiment!
I have put up a PowerPoint showing a project I did and some accompanying code.
The project you develop should should use the browser to take user input and respond. You can use the web or localhost. You can either work with writing your own ASP.NET (like my examples in CIS47) or you can work through Visual Studio (current version or version you have). If you do something above and beyond, I will give you extra credit.
Notes and assignments #11 We are going to look at user controls this session. Please look at my presentation and examples and then do some research. I have found in classes that if people just step through my presentation they usually get it working!
First: I want you to use the key pad control at my site on a form. Make it part of a calculator or something similiar.
Second: I want you to create a user control and then use it.
Notes and assignments #10 I want you to do some research on Crystal Reports within VB on the web.
Information on Crystal Reports and VB.NET
More information on Crystal Reports and VB.NET
Create a report using Crystal Reports. I want you to experiment with the elements covered in my presentation and you are welcome to go futher.
Notes and assignments #9 Continue reading the text. I would like you to finish reading it during the semester.
We are going to look at some things not covered in the text book for the next few weeks.
Look at my presentation and examples on parent/child forms.
Modify one of your programs or create a new program that uses parent/child forms effectively.
Notes and assignments #8 Continuing reading the chapters in the text. The next few chapters are about ADO and they contain some new information and some review.
I have been playing with a guessing game and making a splash screen that is somewhat animated. This is the program in its early stages. The goal was to use it for vocabulary in the introductory courses - I started out with matches such as dog/woof and duck/quack etc. I decided it would be better for the questions to come in from a file and fill the array. I had not decided on what to do with the splash screen - there are a lot of experiments. Also it needs to be cleaned up a bit, made more object oriented etc. That is where you come in. Please work with the game and improve it!
Game in progress
Notes and assignments #7 This week I want to make sure you have looked at the programs under More ADO and Class examples.
Please be sure you have read chapter #2 in the text that deals with exceptions, user interfaces and a variety of controls. There are some basic notes on controls at my site.
Your assignment is to write a program to play the Hangman game. You should include exception handling in the program. You need to use classes in your program.
Hangman Assignment
Notes and assignments #6 Make sure you are comfortable with the information in chapter #1 in the advanced text on classes. Then I would like you to read chapter #2. The next few chapters deal with ADO - some of it is review and some of it presents some kind of interesting things you can do with ADO. During the next couple of weeks, I would like you to read the chapters on ADO in the advanced text book.
I would also like you to look in the examples I have at the site on ADO and classes.
There are presentations on classes that you should look at and the last two presentations under ADO called Additional ADO presentations will be helpful.
You can either write a new program or update one that you have done. I want the program to use classes and ADO.
Notes and assignments #5 At some point I would like you to finish reading the intro book, but it is probably better to get a firm understanding of classes first.
Please continue your study of classes and read the following articles:
Introduction to OOP in VB.NET
This week I want you to either write a new program with classes or update your one from last week. I want you to include events and a collection and optionally other things that are illustrated in the class examples you looked at last week. Again we are looking at the examples under class introduction.
Notes and assignments #4 This session we are going to work on classes. I want you to go through the examples under class introduction (the coverting class is optional) and read chapter #1 in the advanced book.
I want you to write a very simple program using classes. Something similiar to invclass2, or calcStuGrade. It should be your own problem. Send me the working program.
Notes and assignments #3 Continue your study of ADO.
Design and write a program to update (Add, Change, Delete) multiple tables applying your knowledge of ADO using the database from assignment #1.
Notes and assignments #2 Continue reading about ADO and looking at examples both under CIS67 and CIS56 and from the text.
For information about software for this course: MSDN Alliance Software
This week I want you to analyze some programs. Be very specific in explaning what is happening and how the code works. Include comments about how things could have been done differently or better when appropriate.
First progam to analize: Analysis assignment - Zipped program to analyze
Second program to analyze: Zipped program involving adds and deletes to analyze
Third program to analize: Zipped lookup and add
Notes and assignments #1 This course will consist of 15 sets of notes and assignments. I will try to keep ahead of you so you can plan around vacations etc. Let me know if you need more than I have posted at any point.
I would like to plan the course around you if you are working in the field and have specific projects you would like to experiment with. Let me know if you do! Otherwise, please read #11 in the intro text used in CIS56 or find another source to read about ADO in VB.NET. You should review the examples and presentations at this site. I am in the process of upgrading the site so some things will may be added.
Review: Write a VB.NET program that involves multiple tables in a database. First you need to create an a new Access database with multiple tables related in third normal form. If you have questions about this let me know and I will point you to some resources. Try some things out and experiment with VB.NET and ADO. All of the connections have to made through code. I do not want you to use the Server Explorer. Send me a plan of what you want to do and I will let you know if it works!


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