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Weekly Schedule

Let me emphasize that I expect professional vocabulary and professional ideas when posting at a wiki or a blog when it is part of a college course! Please remove anything that would not be considered appropriate in a traditional business environment!

Week Information
Assignments are due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Note that the I will load the most recent week at the top so assignment #1 will appear at the bottom of the page. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Notes and assignments #15 Please look over the status sheet I have sent you. If there is something you feel I should have, please send let me know and send me a copy. The final will be posted for Wednesday morning. Please spend Tuesday getting caught up on homework.
Required Status Sheet
Final Exam
The final is to be your own work, you may not discuss or ask questions of anyone but Mr. Souza and myself. I will be available Wednesday and Thursday night to answer questions. So read it over and email me any questions tomorrow. The final must be passed in on Tuesday.
Notes and assignments #14 Finish up the reading in the text book.
Assignments to turn in:
I would like you to set up a wiki where you discuss several different application packages that you hve used. Then I want several of your classmates to contribute to your wiki. You should invite people that ask to be invited and people that you decide to invite - the more the better! You can go to
or you can use the google wiki. The purpose of this assignment is to you to go to a software application and figure out how to use it on your own or with your classmates! You need to invite me using the email and you need to send me the address. Please work together and help each other out! I want an email sent to me with the address of the wiki! Note that inappropriate postings and lack of professional business style will result in a failing grade on this assignment.
Extra credit if you can figure out how to make the wiki spaces so only invited guests can post.
Notes and assignments #13 Please read these sites: You have created web sites and blogs. I want you to become familiar with some of the ethical ideas involved. Please read the following:
Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics
Code of Ethics
Bloggers code of ethics
Assignments to turn in:
I want you to take this quiz and then correct it (the answers are given at the site) - send me the list of what you got right and what you got wrong with an comments about the ones you got wrong (why you got them wrong, do they make sense etc) This is not graded - I will check it off if you do the quiz and it it has the corrections requested. Copyright and Fair Use Quiz
Note, I removed the time penalty on the binary,hex, code assignment in week #8.
I have sent you an invitation to collaborate on the specs for buying a computer. Someone please get it started and everyone needs to participate. Identify yourself when you contribute.
Notes and assignments #12 This assignment focuses on the chapter on operating system which I have already asked you to read - remember, I want you to read up through chapter #12 in the old book and chapter #13 in the new book, so schedule your reading to finish up next week.
Please read some information on how operating systems work. I would suggest sources like: How Operating Systems Work
Operating system (Wikipedia)
I also want you to read about how to make a PowerPoint presentation. You can find information for that at: PowerPoint
If you have a later version of PowerPoint, please find a reference for the version you are using.
Assignments to turn in:
Putting this all together, I want you to create a PowerPoint presentation for a class explaining the basics of how operating systems work.
Check back!
Notes and assignments #11 You should have read chapter #9, please move on to chapter #10. By the end of the semester you should have read up through chapter #13 in the new book or through chapter #12.
More help with Excel 2003 is available in Microsoft's quick courses: Excel courses
Assignments to turn in:
Excel spreadsheet
Notes and assignments #10 This week I would like you to read this article:
Information sources
Please read chapter #13 in the text if you have the new edition. If you do not, you can find information at the website or web tutorials on Excel. For example: Spreadsheet Help
Information is available at the publishers web site: Basic Spreadsheet Lab
I have added some more information about binary and hex in week #8
Microsoft on Excel
Under this there is a session on office security - please listen to it.
Extra credit if you find security information on the newest version of office and listen/read and give me the address and a comment. Please read chapter #9 in the text.
Assignments to turn in:
Security session from Microsoft
Based on the session on office security above and any research you do on the current version of office, write a set of guidelines for your office staff. I want this to be a group project done at Google docs. Your contribution and comments should carry your name - your group leader should send me an email telling me when you are done. I will email you information about your groups. The group leader should start the writing of the guidelines and invite the others to contribute. They should add and edit and in general discuss.
Notes and assignments #9 We are now going to start working with Excel. If you are not comfortable with Excel you should start looking for some tutorials - I can lend you a book if you let me know you need one. There is information on Excel on the web and at the publishers web site. Also be sure to look at my presentation on Excel especially if you are not comfortable with the package.
Assignments to turn in:
Assignment #1: After looking at the presentation on introduction to Excel, I want you to create the spreadsheet that I created.
Assignment #2: Spreadsheet assignment
Note, I removed the time penalty on the binary,hex, code assignment in week #8.
Notes and assignments #8 You should also read the handout about numbering systems and codes under Notes and handouts. (Please note that this handout deals with 7 bit ASCII and you are going to deal with 8 bit ASCII as described in your text). You can also find other sites to reference under your site links. Be sure to look up information on 8 bit ASCII. A good site is: ASCII
Binary conversion
Hexadecimal information
Assignments to turn in:
Numbering systems and codes Due in two weeks - I removed the time requirements in the assignment.
Quiz on material in chapter #6 (open note and open book but an individual project)
As always, check back!
Notes and assignments #7 Be sure you read: types of sources
Research sites on evaluating resources that you find on the web.
Please also read chapter #7 in your text book.
Assignments to pass in:
Assignment on evaluating resources
I want students to setup their own site. You should send me the address. I would like you to post the sites you use for the evaluation resources assignment at that site
Notes and assignments #6 I want everyone to have read through the first section of the book (through chapter #6). These are the chapters that deal with introductory material, HTML and searching.
Please go to for some resources for doing effective searches on the web.
Please read this article on Boolean searches:
Boolean searches
Assignments to pass in:
Web and search assignment
I want you to post some links that you find on your own for effective searches at the class site. I want three locations per student.
Notes and assignments #5 Read chapters #5 and #6 in Fluency with Information Technology.
I am going to give different assignments for those who are comfortable with HTML and those who do not know it. You decide what is appropriate for you. Old Colony students should do the more advanced assignment unless you get permission from your teacher.
There are a couple of sites on my list of links that provide lots of information in a wide variety of areas. Read to supplement what you read in the book and follow your interests.
Be sure to check out some of the HTML Tutorials under links. Students experienced with HTML should read at least one article on the conversion from HTML to XHTML.
If you are new to HTML or want a review, please look at the HTML presentations (Getting started with Web Pages and Getting started with HTML) and the HTML examples that can be found at:
Notes, examples and presentations
Read these articles about absolute and relative paths:
Article on relative and absolute paths
About paths
Assignments to pass in:
Students need to post the address of a tutorial they like (HTML or XHTML depending on your experience level) at the class site. Old Colony students can get the password from their teacher.
Assignment for students who are not familiar with HTML
XHTML assignment with validation requirements for students experienced in HTML (Old Colony students do this assignment).
To show me that you tested in more than one browser, you should take pictures of the screen in the browser.
Notes and assignments #4 Read chapter #4 in Fluency with Information Technology.
Assignments to pass in:
Do some research on the web and find a site that gives a clear and understandable explanation of the following:
1. Synchronous and asynchronous communication
2. How IP addresses work including how a domain name gets converted to an IP address
3. TCP/IP protocol
4. Networking computers on a Local Area Network
5. The difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web
6. File structure
Explain why you decided on the sites you selected. Please give me a basic definition based on the site. Post your answers on Docs & Spreadsheets. Then make a classmate a collaborator and ask them to correct/comment on the assignment for you. We will do this alphabetically so Drew will correct/comment on Joseph B and Joseph B will correct/comment on Joseph C, and Joseph C will correct/comment on Rebecca, and Rebecca will correct/comment on Robert, and Robert will correct/comment on Eric, and Eric will correct/comment on Kendra, and Kendra will correct/comment on Paul, and Paul will corect/comment on Eli, and Eli will correct/comment on Alex, and Alex will correct/comment on Stephen, and Stephen will correct/comment on Jade, and Jade will correct/comment on Tyler, and Tyler will correct/comment on Drew. Once your classmates correct/comment on, you can go in and decide to accept their correction or not. Do not delete their correction, just let me know what your final answer is. Check back!
Notes and assignments #3 Please read chapter #3 in the text.
Please also read: Internet infrastructure
If you are looking for an interesting, but basic, explanation of how the Internet works, I suggest going through the short lessons at Intel. The address is: Intel lessons on Internet
Assignments to pass in:
I would also like you to read the following:
Home Networking Security
Basic Computer Systems Security
Computer Security Tips
Take the following quizzes (correct yourself and show me your results) - this is a check off not a grade! Don't think of the quizzes as tests, think of them as providing more information on the topic.
Networking Basics Quiz
Another quiz
I want you to set up a blog at Blogger
At the blog, I want you to write a little about careers you considering - you should include web references to at least three sites that give you information about those careers.
You need to send me the address.
Notes and assignments #2 Read chapter #2 in Fluency with Information Technology.
This week we are going to dig deeper into using word processing and use the online application that supports document collaboration and publishing, Google. You need to again sign into google and under my account (your version of my account) go to docs and spreadsheets
Assignments to pass in:
Directions on changes to make to the document
Word document to upload and manipulate
Please check back as always!
Notes and assignments #1 If you are in the Healthcare Information degree, then I am going to ask you to focus on that as you do the assignments throughout the course. In other words, when I ask you to do searches, please make anything that is open apply to your field of study. This will help to make this course even more relevant to what you are studying.
The Fluency with Information Technology text is required. There is an optional Office XP bundle that should be purchased if you are not comfortable with Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
Please read the pages under About This Course which include Read Me First, Introduction to CIT11 and the Syllabus.
Please read chapter #1 in Fluency with Information Technology. I will assign chapter 2 in the next set of Notes and Assignments but you may find it helpful to read it before doing this assignment.
If you do not have the book yet, you can still do the other assignments at the site. Read several articles about the history of computers - you can find links for these articles under Links & Tutorials.
This week we will focus on working with a word processor. I an guessing you have experience in this area (if not, please contact me). Information about open source word processors, Word and WordPerfect are available at the web site under links. Because I think most of you are comfortable with Word at the introductory level, I am going to use this chance to introduce you to an online word processor at Google. It has a tour in its help section that you can use to familiarize yourself with its capability.
Assignments to pass in:
Software, history and word processing assignment
The topic for this paper is: Why do we need software and how has software evolved over time with the advances of hardware. I would like students in Healthcare Information to look at this from the perspective of the health care industry. As an example, you might include a discussion of hand-held computers in healthcare.
The paper you write for this assignment should be at an introductory level - I want you to start your exploration of the topic!
Always check back to see if anything has been added!


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