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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week!
Final Exam Information Congratulations to the teams from Old Colony - you did some really nice work! First for Jamie and Jeff and second for Derek and Nick - I'm impressed! Now you need to impress me on the final!
Final Exam
Required Status Sheet
Notes and assignments #14 During this week and next, you should finish reading the text book.
Please read the handout on Systems Analysis and Design under notes and handouts.
Continue reading the last chapters in the text.
Extra Credit: JavaScript on the Web
The final will be posted.
Notes and assignments #13 Please read chapter #20. You should look at my PowerPoint presentations on functions and other aspects of JavaScript. Give this assignment a try. If you have problems let me know! I will grade this assignment but I will give credit for a serious effort if you have no experience in this area.
JavaScript Problems
Notes and assignments #12 Be sure to look at the PowerPoint presentations and examples of JavaScript. Use them as needed to help you understand JavaScript.
Before you do the problems below, you should draw the logic flowchart or write the pseudocode to solve the problem. Then you should write the program in JavaScript embedded in an HTML document. Finally you need to run the program and get the output. I would like to see your logic notes and your program - I will test it.
JavaScript assignment
Notes and assignments #11 Please read chapter #18 (Get with the program).
Please read chapter #19 (A JavaScript Program).
JavaScript is our latest topic. Please look at my PowerPoint presentations on JavaScript. This week you should focus on the presentation that covers events. You should also look at my examples. Again, focus on events.
I would like you to do some research on JavaScript and find a good tutorial. Post it on your blog (send me the blog address when you have done this).
JavaScript events assignment
Notes and assignments #10 I am having a few email issues, so if you have not heard back on something you sent - please resend.
Please read chapter #16 and chapter #17.
This week we are going to continue with Access. Next week,we will start reading about JavaScript.
First: Student database populate and query
Second: Music collection
Notes and assignments #9 I want you to look at this PowerPoint presentation on Alice: Using Alice
Zipped version of Using Alice for download
Then I want you to spend time with Alice experimenting with the different things that you can do and looking at the other tutorials etc.
Using my Alice presentation as a guide, I want you to create something in Alice. You should have multiple objects (minimum 3). Your Alice code should have a sequence of 10 different methods or things that one of your objects does.
Notes and assignments #8 Congratulations to the two teams from Old Colony who came in 4th place in the second annual Programming Contest. You did a great job! Thanks to everyone who participated. I think it is a great experience to do the team problem solving that everyone was involved in. We hope to see everyone back in May for the Web Development contest! Also, it was nice to sort of meet some of you!
Look at the presentation on if statements:
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
We are going to look at Alice, the program is located at It can be downloaded. I want you to look at the first tutorial involving Alice skating.
Draw the flowcharts for the queries that you did in Access in week #3. Week #3 assignment: Access table to create and query
Notes and assignments #7 This week we will continue exploring with StarLogo. I also want you to make sure you are caught up on the reading in the text.
Logo assignment #2
If you have a site on the web that uses HTML, I would like you to send me the address. If you do not have a page or pages on the web, I would like you to get a free Brinkster account ( and put up one or more pages and send me the address.
Notes and assignments #6 Now we are going to look at StarLogo. We have looked at the logic of queries, but now soon we are going to move on to writing a program involving the three major steps of programming: sequence, selection, repeating or looping. The turtle in StarLogo can do all three of these and you will see the basic stuctures as you experiment with the package.
You will find a presentation under presentations and you will find a list of StarLogo commands under notes.
You should also look at the information about StarLogo procedures which you will find under Notes.
If you do not want to work in the labs, you will need to download and install a version of StarLogo which is available at:
On campus, StarLogo is available in K130 and in K205.
Please read two articles about StarLogo from the MIT site - tutorials, information etc and send me a list of the two articles and a summary.
Logo assignment
Notes and assignments #5 I want you to continue reading about Access and about relational databases and normalization. Be sure to read all of the text in the assignments below.
Using Access, I want you to create the following database:
Payroll database example
More complex student database to design
Notes and assignments #4 There is a possibility I might make a change after I see some of the Access homework, so please check back!
This week you need to look at the PowerPoints on SQL in Access (there are two of them). I also want you to read chapter #15.
Also look at the rest of the presentations under Access and SQL that deal with normalization and relational databases.
First: Go back into the database that you made last week and redo the queries using SQL. You need to resubmit the database and you should paste your SQL into a word document and submit that as well.
Second: Student database
Notes and assignments #3 Please read chapter #14.
Continue to look at the things you can do with Access. Be sure to look at the presentation on if queries in Access (Presentation for if queries in Access).
For information about software for this course: MSDN Alliance Software
Access table to create and query
Notes and assignments #2 Please read chapter #12 and chapter #13 in the text.
Start to get acquainted with Access. If you are not comfortable with Access, you can buy the optional Office XP bundle set of books. There are a series of PowerPoint presentations that will take you through the basics for this assignment. You will find them under presentations - look for the one about asgn #1 and if statements. There is also a sample database that you can download under examples.
First: I want you to set up your own blog. You can go to Blogger to get information and help setting up a free blog. I want you to look on the Web and find a tutorial about Access and post the address and your comments about it on your blog. I also want you to send me the address of your blog. This blog should be dedicated to the course work you are doing in this course!
Second: First Access Assignment
You should post the answers to the first questions at the blog, you should then send me the access database complete with the two queries.
Extra Credit: Do an individual sudoku (hard) and explain two more things you do when you are solving it (include your previous explanation and add the two more things).
Notes and assignments #1 The topics will be posted as 15 sets of notes and assignments.
The Fluency with Information Technology text is required. There is an optional Office XP bundle that should be purchased if you are not comfortable with Access as well as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Please read the pages under About This Course which include Introduction to CIT12 and the Syllabus.
Read/review chapter #10 (Algorithmic Thinking) and chapter #11 (Representing Multimedia Digitally).
We are going to start the semester by solving some Sudoku puzzles.
You will find explanations on the web - when I checked for sudoku and kids I came up with some basic explanations, when I checked for sudoku and algorithm I found some more complex explanations.
Your assignment has three parts, I want you to send me a word document including all three parts:
First: Find a site that explains how to do sudoku and include the site address.
Second: I want you to solve two sudoku puzzles. Your grade will be determined by the successful solving of the puzzle (paste a picture of your solution and give me the date the puzzle was published and the address of the puzzle so I can check it). If you do easy puzzles your maximum grade will be a B. If you do medium or hard puzzles you can earn an A. This can be done in groups if you prefer (maximum in a group is 4 unless Mrs. Machamer feels a different grouping would be better)
The address to get the puzzles to solve is: Daily Sudoko
Third: As you are doing the sudoku puzzles I want you to think about the logical techniques you are using to solve the problem. Then I want you to write down and explain two things that you did that helped you get some of the numbers.


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