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Information for 2016:

The STEM group has organized a couple of field trips:
Trips to IT locations Updated Information:
Updated information on iRobot and a second change the time they are leaving is now 8:30
Updated information on Microsoft

Information for 2015:

Please remind your students about the upcoming facility visits, as described below. For anyone that is interested in 
attending, they should contact Meghan Abella-Bowen via email at or call (508) 678-2811 
x2576 as soon as possible to reserve transportation and/or a spot on the tour 
Important: Since these are manufacturing facilities, no one should be wearing open-toed shoes. Sneakers or other 
closed-toed shoes should be fine.


The tour of our manufacturing facility begins with an operation that makes large batches of rubber. There will be an 
explanation of some of the chemicals used, the mixing temperatures, and time it takes per batch. This is a walking 
tour that includes observing how a golf ball is made with all of the steps explained. The tour guides will discuss 
all of the technical information and answer questions along the way. Each process takes 3-5 minutes to explain, at 
the end of the tour you will see a finished golf ball. The tour will most likely end with time for a general Q & A 


Precix is an elastomeric designer and manufacturer that delivers sealing solutions. Precix o-rings and custom 
elastomer solutions are found in applications where downtime is the absolute enemy, aggressive chemicals and 
temperature extremes are the norm and failure is not an option. All Precix products are engineered and manufactured 
in New Bedford.
Additional Tour Details: The tour will begin at 8:30AM at Acushnet Group and then move to Precix by 11AM. Please be 
sure to confirm your interest in either meeting the group at one or both locations and/or traveling with us from BCC. 
Most likely, we will be leaving the campus at about 8AM. Meghan will provide you with additional details once you 
have confirmed your interest in attendance with her.

Locations (for those meeting us there) / Additional Details: Again, you must check in with Meghan first (ASAP) to be 
included in the tour headcount.

ACUSHNET GROUP - Ball Plant 2 facility @ 256 Samuel Barnett Blvd, North Dartmouth, MA (about a 20 minute drive from the Fall River campus).
- You can park right in front of the building in any visitor spot or any open spot.
- You will be met in the main entrance, sign in for a visitor badge with security and then we will go into a conference room.
- No cameras / photos. No open toe shoes, sneakers/flats are recommended for the tour.

PRECIX - 744 Belleville Avenue, New Bedford, MA 02745
- Please enter through our front main entrance.  Safety glasses will be provided to all participating in the tour.
- We do have visitor spaces available to you in the front of the building along our fence.

Thank you,

Rose Ferro
Bristol Community College
Computer Information Systems
(508) 678-2811 x2027

Internship with Naval Underwater

A couple of interesting ideas from Rose Ferro advisor to the STEM club at BCC:

BCC will be hosting a VEX Robotics scrimmage for middle school and high school students in January (date TBD). This scrimmage will be a practice run for us so that we may ultimately become a competition site for the South Coast region. From the training that I attended yesterday, I learned that the robots can be programmed by using a flowchart method or by coding in C. I am looking for CIS students who would be willing to participate in one, or both, of the following two types of activities:
  1. Learning, training and judging the VEX Robotics scrimmages: In addition to the BCC scrimmage, there will be additional scrimmages in neighboring cities where students can observe as well as participate in training session to learn the VEX Robotics build and programming process.
  2. Participants interested in forming a BCC VEX Robotics team: VEX Robotics competes up through the college/university level. There is already some interest in forming a team, but I am looking for CIS students that would be interested in helping with the programming component.
To learn more, you can go to:

Code Hunt and other Imagine Cup Competitions

Microsoft hosts a variety annual competitions for college students and often have wonderful prizes associated with them. While I was a student at UMass Dartmouth, I participated in one of the competitions and found it to be a rewarding experience. In addition, there are many perks for anyone that would be willing to become an ambassador for the college which often includes free hardware and software (see me for details).
An example of one of the challenges is their Code Hunt competition which can be found at (competition details) and
The challenge revolves around writing effective and elegant code, in real-time, in competition with thousands of other student programmers. In the Code Hunt Challenge, students will be shown a snippet of code, and they will have to rewrite it to produce the desired output in as few lines of code as possible.
The winner of each month's Challenge is the student who produces the best possible answers in the shortest time. The Challenge lasts just 48 hours, and the first student to get the highest score will receive a $1000 prize! And every student who participates will be entered into our Grand Prize drawing to win a $5000 prize!



Bristol Community College


Meditech has opened in Fall River and they are looking to hire a lot of people.

If you are looking for a job, you should let me and the other instructors know so we can let you know if we here about a job. Sometimes an alumni will contact us.

From BCC Scholarship information: Transfer Scholarships

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