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Category Information
Syllabus Introduction to CIS52 - methods, expectations etc.
Syllabus for CIS52
Resources Notes and handouts for CIS52
Chat Room
Board Room
Presentations for CIS52
Sample programs for CIS52
Many of the sample programs and files that you can copy and run on a computer are available in the CIS52U or CPR52U directories on the K building computers - no password is needed to access these files.
Work Weekly schedule for CIS52
Programs for CIS52
Test information for CIS52
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Notes and handouts Link to retrieve
BCC lab handout BCC Lab instructions to log in and use software
Flip name (method 1) Name flip notes
Notes on inspect
Flip name (other methods)
reference modification
Reference modification notes
Language Elements Language features
Two file matches Notes on two file matching
Internal Sorts Notes on top down internal sort
Notes on bubble sort
Subroutines (external) COPYPRG - Program containin COPY statements
CRSDESC - Data division code being copied
ADDROUT - Procedure division code being copied
COPYCALL - Program containing CALL statement
CALLED - Code being called
Report Generator Notes on report generator Note: There are some typos - will try to get fixed soon!
Sample code for report generator
Links to Y2K information Links to Y2K sites
Y2K article
Y2K Information Center
More Y2K
The COBOL Center
Microfocus Y2K
CIO site info on Y2K - lots of links
University Delaware site
Systems Analysis and Design for Programmers Notes on systems
Design notes
File types
Notes on data dictionaries
Decision Table notes
Decision Table examples
CPM Notes
Business systems - notes for discussion Notes on payroll
Notes on accounts receivable
Overview notes - order
Notes on accounts payable
Notes on inventory
General ledger notes
Sample General Ledger set up using MYOB
Normalization - Relational Database Introduction to third normal form
Contribution system notes
Student data system notes
Notes on basic order entry
Payroll data notes
Medical clinic notes
Text book notes
Data Structures Data structures: queue, stack etc.
Another source on COBOL and data structures

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Presentations Link to retrieve
Data manipulation Flip name presentation
    Separate speaker notes to accompany flip name presentation
Notes on creating labels
    Separate speaker notes to accompany create labels
Multi-file processing Two file sequential match with max 1 record per id on each file
    Separate speaker notes to accompany two file sequential match with max 1 record per id on each file
Max 1 on file 1, multiple on file 2
    Separate speaker notes to accompany max 1 on file1, multiple on file 2
Many or none on both files
    Separate speaker notes to accompany many or none on both files
Processing with three files
    Separate speaker notes to accompany processing with three files
Sketch of logic for onemany
    Separate speaker notes to accompany sketch of logic for onemany
Internal sorts Topdown sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany topdown sort
Bubble sort
    Separate speaker notes to accompany bubble sort
Screens Screen with multiple lines of detail entry
    Separate speaker notes to accompany screen with multiple lines of detail entry
Order entry assignment Order entry programming assignment
    Separate speaker notes to accompany order entry programming assignment
Date conversion Date Conversion
    Separate speaker notes to accompany date conversion - revised 3/21/01
Date conversion program with sample data notes
Systems Analysis and Design DFD for parts of order system
Examples of systems flowcharts
    Separate speaker notes to accompany examples of systems flowcharts

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Programs to write Link to retrieve
Label Program Label assignment
Label data to be entered
Program to modify and use to enter label data to create file for label program
Revisions to the label program
File programs onemany.html with errorsThis program has single record on file 1 and multiple on file 2 - a record must be present on both files - this program has errors that must be modified in the two file assignment.
Three file assignment
Internal sort/module program Sort program specifications
sortdata.dat Data to use with sort program.
Order entry program Order entry programming assignment

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Test Information Link to retrieve
Status Sheet Required status sheet

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