Introduction to COBOL - CIS12

Weekly Schedule

Week Information: Sample programs: Sample programs are available in two groups:
programs using screens used at the beginning of the semester and more traditional programs used later in the semester
PowerPoint Presentations: Free PowerPoint viewer for 97,2000,2002 users
More information on downloads.
Note that the speaker notes are provided on a separate Word document if you are having trouble accessing them!
Week #2
Week of January 30th
Please look at the following PowerPoint Presentations:
Display/Accept program with Add
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Display/Accept program with Add - ADDDA.CBL
Mathematics with Display/Accept program
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Mathematics with Display/Accept program

Please read the following Notes:
Notes on ADDDA.CBL
Notes on mathematical calculations
Notes on numeric data
Notes on the COMPUTE statement

Look at programs ADDDA1.CBL through ADDDA6.CBL which deal with the samples discussed in the slide shows. They are listed under Sample Programs for CIS12: Programs to look at.

Check back each week to see if I have added or changed anything.
Assignment to be passed in:
First program to write
Week #1 Assignments
Week of January 23rd
I assume you have a copy of COBOL, if not, you need to get a copy of COBOL if you plan to do the programs at home. The version used at the college is MicroFocus COBOL. It is available at: Information about a student version of COBOL. Note: There are other alternatives - this is compatible with the COBOL installed at BCC.
Instructions if you are using COBOL with XP or 2000
Introductory programming material:
Introductory Programming Concepts
Introductory COBOL material:
Please look at the following notes:
    Notes on Hello World program - HELLO.CBL
And look at the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the notes (you may want to look at the presentation prior to reading the notes:
    Hello World PowerPoint presentation
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Hello World PowerPoint presentation - HELLO.CBL
This is the sample program (you will see the program best if you look at the version with the .html extension):
Information on downloading from the Web:
    Notes on downloading programs from the Internet
    Download programs from the Internet
    Separate speaker notes to accompany download programs from the Internet
To be passed in:
Write a simple program following the hello model to get comfortable with using COBOL.


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