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Week Information
Information: Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I am going to try to stay with the text to some degree but... The important thing is to follow the topics in the week of. We are using VB 2010 in the labs and the book comes with the Express Version. You can get other versions through MSDN. Check the schedule several times a week, I may add some things during the week. Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Week #15
Week of May 6th
Help is available Tuesday from 9:30 until 3:00 in K101 and on Thursday, a guest speaker on Networking and Web Development will be in class at 11, the rest of the day is a lab session with Max from 9:30 until 3. I will be available via email. Your final is due on Tuesday, May 14th by 12:45PM. You must also pass in the accompanying status sheet, I do not correct finals unless I receive the status sheet since the status sheet is part of the final package. Late finals will be penalized.
Please note the what you did and where you did it columns on the final. They are critical. If I cannot find things I cannot correct them.
Final Exam
Required Status Sheet
I have been flooded with homework, which is great but... Do not expect fast turnaround!
Week #14
Week of April 29th
I will be around Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Monday at 10 and probably 3. I have a meeting at 4. Friday there is a help/catchup lab.
We will start the week by looking at more having to do with putting up a website. Please be sure you have a Brinkster account.
We will continue looking at web development including using multiple forms and databases.
I want these put up on the web, so if they are not the grade will reflect that.
Put up a web page through VB that uses multiple pages and one that attaches to a database. Check back!
Week #13
Week of April 22nd
Tuesday is an a help session from 9:30 until 3. Check back for information about Thursday.
Speech announcement: Please join the Computer Information Systems (CIS) department on Wednesday, April 24 from 2-3PM in H129 to welcome NAO, the humanoid robot, designed by Aldebaran Robotics. NAO has appeared on the Today show, "The Doctors", as well as made other televised appearances. NAO can be programmed using a variety of coding languages in a variety of ways. Note I copied and pasted the wrong room - it is H129 - sorry!
Extra Credit if you attend and write a short paper (paragraph or two) on the topic.
Please bring your book to class on Thursday.
We are going to look at web development using ASP.
I want you to do the Kayak tutorial which we will work on in class. Then I want you to do something similiar - a second web page with a variety of items from the toolbox. Next week we will put up on the web so if you have note gotten a Brinkster account you should do it now.
Note: the Kayak tutorial is the third tutorial under web development in the book. If you do not have the book, let me know.
Week #12
Week of April 15th
I will be around Tues and Thurs afternoon from 2 to 4 and Max is willing to do a help session on Friday, but please email either of us and let us know if you want to attend. We will plan on Friday.
Insert in wizard (more notes on using the wizard)
Information about Access 2010: (in case you would like a review of Access)
Sample Access 2010 database
Access 2010 example explanation
Presentation on using SQL queries in Access
    Separate speaker notes to accompany fusing SQL queries in Access
From some other courses
Presentation on SQL in Access - a little more
    Speaker Notes to accompany SQL in Access - a little more
Generic notes on SQL
Normalization - information on third normal form
      Separate speaker notes to accompany normalization presentation
Relational database using donor
      Separate speaker notes to accompany relational databse using donors presentation
Read chapter #10 in the VB book
This week we will continue with ADO we have looked at updates and selections and there are examples under Examples 2010 at the bottom of the page.
An opportunity for paid internships: To apply, students need only to upload a cover letter and resume at the MassTech Intern Partnership website. Opportunities exist with companies in the Big Data and Analytics, Digital Interactive Gaming, Digital Interactive Media, Digital Marketing and Internet Business, Health IT and Ed Tech, and Mobile Communications & Robotics sectors. Students will be contacted directly by companies looking for interns with their backgrounds. There are over 150 companies waiting to review these application.
Remember that Pat Condon recommends a package she has in Student Services for writing resumes.
Assignment 1: I want you to write a program that makes adds, changes and deletes to a database table. This can be a continuation of week 11 or a new experiment. Extra credit if you do an update with your code and another with the wizard plus your code when needed.
Assignment 2: I want you to write a program that can make a series of queries using the SELECT - see my examples and Smartboard from Tuesday of this week.
Queries: For each query with multiple conditions, make at least one of these conditions a test against a string field and at least one a test against a numeric field.
1) Query for condA and condB or condC and condD.
2) Query for condA and either condB or condC.
3) Query using the between and order the results.
4) Query for the following: condA and condB, not condA and either condC or condD.
Week #11
Week of April 8th
I will be available Monday at 10, Tuesday from 1:45 until around 5, Thursday late if I get any requests and Friday from 11:30 to 5ish hopefully in K116. Please let me know if you are coming Friday, I am looking for 10 students.
Women in Technology Invitation
Please go to Brinkster and set up a free account that lets you use ASP, we will be looking at ASP soon. We are looking for a Microsoft environment as opposed to a Unix/Linux environment.
Please bring your textbook to class on Tuesday. We will look at using the wizard- some basic things are in these Smartboard note sets:
Using the wizard to populate a grid
Binding to a grid using the wizard
Binding to textboxes using the wizard
VB Queries
The next topic will involve updating so check back.
I fixed the problem that we had in class today. I sent out emails to those in the class. Essentially I should have put this line in the Catch for the update: donationDT.Rows.Remove(newRecord).
I want you to experiment with the wizard. Do some exploring on your own and send me the results.
Include this in your trials: Do something involving two tables with a one to many relationship. Show information from the one side in the text boxes and information from the many side in a grid. Play around with the bars at the top that let you move through the records.
Update: ADO update start
Please finish this program so you can add a drive, remove a drive and change information about the drive. Use the add delete example I went over in class as a model.
Week #10
Week of April 1st
I am available Monday at 10 and Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45. I will be around Thursday until around 4:30 and Tuesday until around 4ish.
This week we will continue with ADO. We will finish looking at the examples under 2010 hopefully. Please bring your textbook next Tuesday because we will look at using the wizard (you may need to share!)
Payroll database example for you to develop and populate
First: Write a program to access one of the tables in the database from VB using code not the wizard. Have these SQL Selects as part of the program. Have one working and the others commented out, but test them all.
Write the SQL query within VB (using VB code) to access information from one table using the following criteria: conditionA and either conditionB or conditionC. Display the results in a grid.
Write the SQL query within VB (use the same program that you used above) that does a grouping by department number and shows the sum of the salary for each group.
Second: Write a program that uses two tables and shows the employee number, employee name, department number, department name. Do it using a one select that combines the information from the two tables.
Third: Write a program that shows employee number and employee name in text boxes and then shows the information from the EmployeeProject table in a grid. Have a match button that will match the employee number and just show the project information for that employee.
Week #9
Week of March 25th
I am available Friday for a help sessionmost of the day and Monday at 10 and Tuesday after my classes (1:45 for at least an hour).
We are going to back up to chapter #7 and look at multiple forms, modules and menues. Then we will look at read/write examples related to chapter #9.
Then we will look at Access to make sure everyone is comfortable with the basics.
Next week we are going to start looking at using databases with VB.
Everyone appeared comfortable with Access and SQL so we moved into looking at database examples. If you feel you need to review Access and SQL, I suggest you look at my notes under CIS120 as well as at this site.
I want you to write a program that uses multiple forms and one of the forms should have a menu. Set up modules as well. Pass information from one form for display on the other form. Throw in an array for good measure.
Please check back.
Week #8
Week of March 11th
I am available for help on Monday at 10 and at 1:45, and then Tuesday at 1:45 for about an hour. Max will be covering the time on Thursday so there is the opportunity to work together, I will not be in on Thursday.
Thursday at 11, Greg Clarkin and Terry Ott from Meditech along with Pat Condon from student services will be in to talk, I suggest you attend and listen to their information.
We will do some more with arrays on Tuesday.
I want you to write a program that will meet the following specifications:
1) Set up a structure with multiple types of data that will be used as the type for an array the structure should have a dept number, a dept name and a dept budget
2) The dept numbers should be something like 11, 18, 29, 33, 36, 38, 41, 44, 47 (note there are significant gaps between the numbers)
3) You should take in a dept number from the user and use it to access the department name and the department budget - write your own search to find the information
4) Use redim to establish the size of the array
5) Use redim preserve to increase the size of the array and add to the populating data
Week #7
Week of March 4th
I am available for help on Monday at 10, Tuesday at 1:45 (check back about Thursday) and Friday all day in K116 (other times I am in K112 or K101. If there is a room change for anything I will post it on the door and the division secretary will know.
We will spend some more time on procedures and functions to start the week and then we will move on to arrays. First we will look at the examples under VB.NET and then move to the examples under chapter 8 under VB 2010. Note that we are skipping chapter #7 for the moment. We will be back to it soon.
Check back!
Check back to see where we are, but I am sure we will get to sorts so I want you to write a top down sort. You can look at the PowerPoint presentations for the sort logic for Bubble Sorts and Top Down Sorts and you can look at my sample code for a bubble sort. Basically, you are simply changing the logic.
Week #6
Week of February 25th
I am available for help at 10 on Monday, 1:45 on Tuesday for most of the afternoon, Thursday for about a half hour at 1:45. Check both K112 and K101.
We will continue looking at loops this week and then move on to functions and procedures. We will look at both 2010 and .NET. so chapters #5 and #6 in 2010 text.
We got through procedures and functions under 2010 and started looking at the ones under VB.NET - to be continued next week.
1) Fix the Minor/Intermediate/Major program under Loops and Breaks under VB.NET so that you only have to click once to see all of the data.
2) Function/procedure assignment
Week #5
Week of February 18th
I will be available Tuesday after 1:45 and Thurs at 10 and probably late in the afternoon - check back. Remember that Thursday is Monday classes.
We will finish up chapter #5 this week (hopefully). Spend some time looking at the .net examples because they have a little more detail. Look at the different methods to set up random for the guess game. Check back!
On this assignment, try to make it look fun to play.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Assignment
Write the program using VB 2010.
Week #4
Week of February 11th
This week I will be available Mon at 10 in K112 and Tues and Thurs at 1:45 in K101 or K112. Both Tuesday and Thursday I can stay quite a while if you tell me that you would like to meet.
We will start the week continuing the if in class assignment and then we will start to deal with loops. Be sure to look at basicLoops under chapter #5.
Insurance assignment
Week #3
Week of February 4th
This week I am available Monday from 10-11 in K112, Tuesday from 1:45 until 3:00 and Thursday from 1:45 until 2:30 K112 (I may be in K101 or in my office K112. I can go to the lab to work on things.
I was away this weekend and unfortunately my laptop decided to quit so I did not have access to a lot of things and therefore I am behind. Hopefully I will get caught up in the next few days! Sorry!
We will finish looking at the examples under decisions and we will also look at the ones under conditions under .NET.
If we have time, we are going to start looking at LOOPS under VB2010 and also under VB dot net.
In class assignment means that it is started in class if you are in class. All students are required to do all in class assignments.
In Class IF assignments (we will continue working on this next week - some time in class)
IF assignment
Week #2
Week of January 28th
I will be available for help Monday at 10:00 in my office (K112), Tuesday from 1:45 until 3:15 in K101 or my office (K112), and Thursday from 1:45 until 2:45 in K101 or my office (K112).
We will finish the examples under chapter #3 this week. If we have time, we will start to look at if statements. Below is a presentation on the structure of IF statements.
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Homework is due the Thursday of the week following the assignment. So assignments for this week are due Feb 7th by midnight.
Visual Basic program week #2 After we have looked at if statements, go back and modify this program to use if statements to test quantity. Need to pass both versions in but they are separate grades so you can pass them in at different times.
Quiz for Thursday (due with homework by Feb 7th): Quiz #1 (zipped file)
Week #1
January 21st
This course will use Visual Basic 2010.
Read chapter #1 in the text, I would also start to read chapter #2.
You should be looking at the beginning examples and programs and the beginning PowerPoints. Note many of these were done for the .NET version and while the code works, there are development differences. The software for this course is available through the text and it is also available through the Microsoft alliance. For information about using the alliance to acquire software for this course: MSDN Alliance Software
You should get an invitation to MSDN early this week.
For your first VB assignment, I want you to:
a) use labels, textboxes and buttons
b) have at least one button to process, one button to clear and one to end
c) do a couple of calculations (one should be an add)
d) format the form (things like color, font)
e) define and use a variable
f) include something else from the book or from other examples I have posted


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