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Weekly Schedule

Help day in K101 on Thursday, March 3rd (9:30 to 3:00ish)

Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
Week #12Week of May 1st Please read chapters #8 and #9 in the design book by Churcher and then finish the last three chapters next week.
Week #11
Week of April 24th
Please read chapter #5 and chapter #6 and chapter #7 in the database design book by Churcher. Check back - there will be a homework assignment but I am waiting for you to get a little caught up because I want to make sure you are getting the basics! I also want you to start thinking of a project - something you are familiar with that you can design a database for using the techniques layed out by Churcher. Send me a proposal.
Another reference to look at: Please read
And another: Please read
I want you to go to this site and look at and explain the child care database and one other of your choosing.
Model databases
Week #10
Week of April 4th
Please read chapter #4 in the database design book by Churcher.
Please also read this article: Article
I want you to write a paper telling me the process that a developer goes through in designing a database. What are the steps and what tools can help in the development process. Read the chapters from next week to help with this.
Week #9
Week of March 28th
Please read chapter #3 in the database design book by Churcher.
I want you to analyze and explain the three models below. On the last one it is presented in different ways, be sure to include information about that in your analysis:
Pet Shelter
Work Accidents
Week #8
Week of March 21st
Please read Example
Please read Tutorial
Look around for information in these: Other tutorials
Please read chapter #2 in the database design book by Churcher.
Example to explain - auctions
I want you to go through an analyze this diagram and explain what is happening. Use the resources connected with the diagram.
Week #7
Week of March 7th
I want to start looking at the Design concepts in the beginning database design book by Churcher. Please read chapter #1.
Fill me in on where you stand and check back.
Please read: Understanding Normalization
I would like you to find two other sites/articles to read on designing a relational database in third normal form. Assignments: Send me a brief summary of the articles you read.
Limousine db
Please send me your thoughts and we will discuss if you are unclear on this.
Week #6
Week of February 28th
Let me know where you stand with your understanding of relational databases and normalization. I want to see what you do with the last couple of assignments.
Read chapter #6 in the Pratt and Adamski book.
Dog store database to design and implement
Week #5
Week of February 21st
Do some research on relational databases and normalization. Tell me two articles you find.
Next, we will get more into some of the tools you can use when things get more complicated!
Credit Union DB to design
Week #4
Week of February 14th
Please read chapter #4 and chapter #5 in the Pratt and Adamski book.
Please view the following PowerPoint presentations:
Normalization - information on third normal form
      Separate speaker notes for normalization presentation
Relational database information - information on 1 to 1, 1 to M, and M to M
      Separate speaker notes for relational database information
Design the tables and the relationships for this problem
The design will be a back and forth process between us I suspect. That will apply to most design assignments.
Week #3
Week of February 7th
Please read chapter #3 in the Pratt and Adamski book.
I want you to create an Access database and do some basic tests on it using SQL.
SQL assignment
Week #2
Week of January 31st
My approach to teaching this material is to look at database management first and then step back and look at the problems associated with design. I find that it makes more sense to have worked with a database first before you get into the real design concepts. So, we are going to look at the database management book first and then move over to the design book. I would like you to read chapter #1 and chapter #2 in the Database Management book by Pratt and Adamski.
Payroll database to implement
Student database to implement
Week #1
Week of January 24th
I want you to read some introductory material from the web:
Beginning Database Design
This is a nice introductory series
I want you to read the first two parts (you can go on if you find it interesting).
At this link, I would like you to read through and take the quiz on your own.
Example and quiz
Quiz for week 1


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