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Remember RE-SUBMIT. If you get back a homework with errors and without a grade it means it has not been graded - you need to fix and resubmit to get a grade.

The CIS pool is now available for students that need to access licensed software that they cannot use from home.
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Week Information
Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester.
HELP schedule My office hours are 1 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday. If it turns out other hours work better for students these may change, so check back. I am also available by request (give me a few time options) especially while we get other support in place. There is access to WiFi from your car under the solar canopies on the Fall River Campus.
Week #2
Week of January 30th


Please look at the DOM examples and videos for DOM under CIS122.

EXAMPLES TO LOOK AT:(look under these headings in CIS122)

"Looking at basic DOM substitutions for document.write"
"More DOM from previous JavaScript"
segments of "Some examples I tried using HTML5 and JavaScript"
"DOM examples"
"More DOM examples"(actually you may want to delay this group)


We started DOM in week 7 in CIS122 so you will find the videos there. Remember you go to Previous Semesters from my home page to get to last semesters work.


You will find the audio lectures and Smartboard also starting at week #7.


DOM etc assignment
Check back...
Week #1
Week of January 25th


Welcome to CIS250
Welcome to CIS250 (youtube version)
The first topic of this course will be a continuation of JavaScript, so please review the JavaScript from CIS122. You should also look at the videos that accompany them. We will look at DOM next week.
Previous courses are available using Previous Semesters from my home page.
Be sure to look at if statements, loops , math facts series and guess game series. I would also like you to look at events and functions.
This book is free to read on line and looks good so you might mark it for reference and use it as a textbook.
Eloquent JavaScript third edition


Write an HTML with JavaScript program for an invoice.
It should have a space for date to be gotton and name and address to be entered. There should be a series of radio buttons that will give various discounts. Lets say three discounts and a fourth button for 0 or no discount.
The invoice form should have rows about the products ordered including item number, item name, price and quantity. There should be multiple rows.
After the user enters the information, calculate the total before discount and taxes are subtracted. Then using the radio button determine which discount to give. Subtract the discount and the tax at a rate you decide on and give the final total.

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