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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. You should buy the CGI/Perl Text by Diane Zak (check used books) for the end of the semester.
HELP schedule Joe Fletcher is my SI and he is available for help many hours during the week.
Monday 2-7 in K104
Tuesday 12:30 - 4 in K104 Wednesday 12-3 in K130 and 3-6 in K104
Thursday 12:30 - 5 in K103
He can also do time on Friday morning if people let me know they would be able to use it.
If you cannot find Joe, ask at the help desk in the middle of K building. They will know where he is
Week #6
Week of February 24th
Continuing with JQuery.
Continuing with JQuery, I want you to do the week #6 assignment in CIS258. If you are taking both classes then I want you to really explore JQuery in more depth.
Week #5
Week of February 17th
There are lots of examples of Hangman games written in JavaScript on the web and in books. Feel free to look at them to help you understand how to write one.
I also want you to experiment with JQuery so I am asking you to do the same assignment that I gave for week #5 in CIS258. If you are in both classes then I want you to explore more deeply in JQuery and do some additional work.
I want you to write a Hangman game in JavaScript and include at least one drawing in it at some point.
I want you to do the JQuery assignment under CIS258 and if you are in both classes make it deeper and more complex.
Week #4
Week of February 10th
My husband is in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery and I am behind!
This week I want you to read about and experiment with graphics in JavaScript.
I found a nice group of tutorials by Adam Khoury on youtube but you can also look for others if you do not like his style.
I also found this site on drawing graphics
Basic animation
Another explanation of drawing shapes
Experiment and check back! If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it. I have tried a few free ones but have not found anything I really like.
I want you to try five different things in drawing - they can be modifications of existing examples or original. If you modify please give me the address of the original.
Week #3
Week of February 3rd
Continue working on object-oriented programming.
Check back!
Week #2
Week of January 27th
This week I want you to read about and use some new things in JavaScript. First I want you to research and read about object-oriented JavaScript. Here are some articles I suggest:
Javascript objects
Object-Oriented JavaScript
I also want you to work with arrays, functions and the try...catch.
Examples of OOP, arrays, functions and misc
If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it.
Second JavaScript assignment
Week #1
Week of January 20th
The first topic of this course will be a continuation of JavaScript, so please review the JavaScript from CIS122. I want you to specifically look at the examples under functions, loops, arrays and other (includes check boxes and radio buttons). Assignments:
Solve the following problems using JavaScript (include a flowchart or pseudocode for each

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