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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. You should buy the CGI/Perl Text by Diane Zak (check used books) for the end of the semester.
Week #14
Week of April 30th
More time to work on your final project.
Week #13
Week of April 23rd
Continuing looking at ASP and check back.
Also keep working on your final project.
I would like you to write something similiar to the Kayak example with multiple ways to take in data and multiple pages.
Week #12
Week of April 16th
Last week I sent out information on using ASP. I would like you to look at that chapter from a Visual Basic book and do some research on ASP. Get back to me if you did not receive the mailing and I can leave a copy for you in the office.
Continue working on your project.
Do the first two tutorials in the handout and then do a third experiment where you make something of your own.
Check back!
Week #11
Week of April 9th
Keep working on your project but also go back to look a little more XML and create another example.
If you feel comfortable enough with XML I would like you to try oil customers and delivery information. Look at the donor and donation example that I did. If you would rather, you can work on another basic example that does not have that complexity.
Week #10
Week of April 2nd
Take another week to work on your project of Node.js or CGI/Perl. I want you to let me know where you stand.
Week #9
Week of March 26th
Take a week to work on your final project.
Week #8
Week of March 19th
We are going to leave JavaScript (at least for a while, if time permits we will go back) and look at XML.
Read about XML. Here are some possibilities.
Intro to XML
W3schools on XML
SitePoint on XML
I want you to continue reading about XML and how to create basics XML.
Zipped XML examples
Focus on XML DTD this week.
I want you to experiment with XML - I need you to make a fairly complex design using DTD - on the idea of the the customer examples.
Check back!
Week #7
Week of March 5th
Last week I gave you two options for the final project. One is to explore node.js on your own and come up with a project or projects that we agree on. The other is to work on CGI and Perl following the four seqments that I have put at the bottom of this page.
DOM assignment
Check back!
Week #6
Week of February 26th
Another reference that looks good
Do some research on JQuery and animation. W3schools is one source.
I would like you to do some reading about node.js. I am in the process of starting to learn node.js and I have been using a series o youtube videos from thenewboston. I have checked other resources, but I like this fairly well. If anyone is interested in learning it (and I think it is definitely an asset) I am suggesting that you have an option to learn it and do some significant processing to show what you know as your final project/exam. Your choice!
Check back! Your alternative for the final is to work with Perl and cgi. If you scroll to the bottom of the sheet you will see the information from when it was incorporated which you can follow.
Week #5
Week of February 19th
There are lots of examples of Hangman games written in JavaScript on the web and in books. Feel free to look at them to help you understand how to write one.
I want you to write a Hangman game in JavaScript and include at least one drawing in it at some point.
Week #4
Week of February 12th
Continue looking at drawing and at least check into animation. Again try the youtube I pointed you to last week.
Basic animation
I want you to try five different things in drawing - they can be modifications of existing examples or original. If you modify please give me the address of the original.
Check back!
Week #3
Week of February 5th
This week I want you to read about and experiment with graphics in JavaScript.
I found a nice group of tutorials by Adam Khoury on youtube but you can also look for others if you do not like his style.
I also found this site on drawing graphics
Another explanation of drawing shapes
Experiment and check back! If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it. I have tried a few free ones but have not found anything I really like.
Week #2
Week of January 29th
This week I want you to read about and use some new things in JavaScript. First I want you to research and read about object-oriented JavaScript. Here are some articles I suggest:
Javascript objects
Object-Oriented JavaScript
I also want you to work with arrays, functions and the try...catch.
Examples of OOP, arrays, functions and misc
If you can find a good JavaScript editor feel free to use it.
Second JavaScript assignment
Week #1
Week of January 22nd
The first topic of this course will be a continuation of JavaScript, so please review the JavaScript from CIS122. I want you to specifically look at the examples under functions, loops, arrays and other (includes check boxes and radio buttons). I want you to also look ath the DOM examples under Looking at basic DOM substitution for document write and DOM examples.
Solve the following problems using JavaScript
Perl and CGI information
Part 1 of possible final project
The recommended book is CGI/Perl, Diane Zak, Course Technologies ISBN 0-619-03440-8, Note that Amazon has used copies for under $10.
Read chapter #1 and chapter #2 in the CGI/Perl text by Diane Zak. Contact me about the book used copies are available at Amazon for a few dollars and we will only use this text for a few weeks.
The information below is work I did a few years ago using another site:
Look at the first three PowerPoint presentations under the topic CGI/Perl. Presentations
This sheet shows setting the cgi to 755 as required. Setting cgi to 755
Look at the code for the programs which can be opened under Printed code to accompany examples for week #1. You can also download many (not all) of the examples from the beginning cgi/perl and beginning HTML. Examples
The examples I want you to go over are zipped.
Using the web site: Using WinSCP3
Do one of the hands on projects from chapter #1 and one of the case projects from chapter #2. If you do not have a site yet, write them and put them online when you get a site.
If you do not have a user id and password, contact me. Remember, when you make cgi files, you need to go into properties and set the rights to 755.
Perl and CGI information
Part 2
Read chapter #3 and chapter #4. You should be starting to work with loops and if statements this week..
Some examples for this week: Examples using post and get
Examples using for loop
If you are not comfortable with if statements, this presentation will be helpful.
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Some examples for this week: Loops and decisions (if statements)
Experiment with the things you read about which included passing data with the get and with the post and the basics of a for loop. You should do a program that uses the get and then change it to use the post. The for can be included or a separate program.
Loops and decisions assignment
Perl and CGI information
Part 3
Please look at arrays and hash variables this week (chapter #4).
Some examples for this week: Arrays and Hash
Be sure to read the chapter on files in your test (chapter #5). I would also like you to look at functions in the next chapter.
Some examples for this week: Files and Functions
Array Hash Assignment
I would like you to write a quiz where you store the scores on a file. The students should be given questions, the grade should be calculated and stored.
Extra credit if you a can figure out a way to only allow a student to take the quiz only once.
Perl and CGI information
Part 4
I want you to read chapter #6, #7 and #8 with a focus on functions.
Be sure to spend time going over my function examples from chapter #7 and #8.
Perl function assignment

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