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Assignments due in one week unless otherwise stated. I may add some things during the week, so double check the schedule each week! Please keep copies of all work you submit until you receive your final grade at the end of the semester. You should buy the CGI/Perl Text (check used books).
Week #14
Week of May 1st
Continue researching ASP and ASPX.
Do the third and fourth tutorial in the handout - it is on Kayak trip.
Week #13
Week of April 24th
Do some research on ASP and ASPX and check back
I left a handout about Web pages through Visual Basic in my box for you to pick up.
Do the first two tutorials in the handout and then do a third experiment where you make something of your own.
Week #12
Week of April 17th
Keep reading about JavaScript and check back.
I would like you to go back to the DOM in CIS122 to reveiew what we did there.
#1 Using this as a model please write a program that generates a list of lines for a msg within a loop and then writes the msg at the end of the loop. Nesting with DOM
#2 Using an associative array do something like I illustrated in this example. Associative array with DOM
#3 Do a program that uses getElementByName.
#4 Do a program that uses 5 different events and DOM.
#5 Write a program that inserts into an existing page and use external JS.
#6 Look at the addrow examples under DOM examples at CIS122 and do something similar.
Week #11
Week of April 10th
Read chapter $6.
Try 10 more things covered in chapter 5 and 6 using the book or other sources to get info on the topics.
Week #10
Week of April 3rd
Read chapter #5
I do not know what you know and what you do not know about JQuery and JavaScript and what things struck your interest as you were doing the reading last week and this, so... I want you to find 15 things that you read about and write a program or programs that incorporate them.
You need to put in comments that tells me where they are and what they do.
Week #9
Week of March 27th
I want you to look at the first 3 chapters in the text boox I have for you to borrow. I will leave it in my office. The chapters are a review of JavaScript. Then I want you to start part II chapter 4 which starts JQuery. We did some of this in CIS258.
The downloads for the book can be found at and we are looking at the second edition.
Go through the exercises at the back of chapter #4 and make sure you are comfortable with them.
No homework to pass in, just hopefully pulling some things about JavaScript and jQuery together.
Week #8
Week of March 20th
This week I want you to do another revisit to DOM in JavaScript. I would like you to go through the W3Schools tutorial on DOM with JavaScript and make sure you are comfortable with the things you can do and why you would do them.
I have a book you can borrow on JavaScript if you catch up with me next week.
DOM assignment based on W3 schools tutorial
Week #7
Week of March 6th
Continue reading about XML.
I want you to do some research on XML and find some resources that will help you experiment with XML and DTD.
So this is a research and catch up week.
Next week is Spring Break.
Week #6
Week of February 27th
Read about XML. Here are some possibilities.
Intro to XML
W3schools on XML
SitePoint on XML
I want you to continue reading about XML and how to create basics XML.
Zipped XML examples
Focus on XML DTD this week.
I want you to experiment with XML - I need you to make a fairly complex design using DTD - on the idea of the the customer examples.
Extra Credit: I would also like you to look into using XML to pass data - find some information and experiment with what you find (again Extra Credit).
Week #5
Week of February 15th
I looked briefly at the comparison between using a file and a database. This is the example that I went over.
Files versus Databases
Good article on Perl and Databases
Another look at arrays
Maintenance programs
Week examples
Extra credit if you do something with files or database tables.
We have been having some issues so...
Check back!
Week #4
Week of February 13th
I want you to read chapter #6, #7 and #8 with a focus on functions.
Be sure to spend time going over my function examples from chapter #7 and #8.
Perl function assignment
Week #3
Week of February 6th
Please look at arrays and hash variables this week (chapter #4).
Some examples for this week: Arrays and Hash
Be sure to read the chapter on files in your test (chapter #5). I would also like you to look at functions in the next chapter.
Some examples for this week: Files and Functions
Array Hash Assignment
I would like you to write a quiz where you store the scores on a file. The students should be given questions, the grade should be calculated and stored.
Extra credit if you a can figure out a way to only allow a student to take the quiz only once.
Week #2
Week of January 30th
Read chapter #3 and chapter #4. You should be starting to work with loops and if statements this week..
Some examples for this week: Examples using post and get
Examples using for loop
If you are not comfortable with if statements, this presentation will be helpful.
Presentation on logical if structures
    Separate speaker notes to accompany presentation on logical if structures
Some examples for this week: Loops and decisions (if statements)
Experiment with the things you read about which included passing data with the get and with the post and the basics of a for loop. You should do a program that uses the get and then change it to use the post. The for can be included or a separate program.
Loops and decisions assignment
Week #1
Week of January 23rd
Read chapter #1 and chapter #2 in the CGI/Perl text by Diane Zak. Contact me about the book used copies are available at Amazon for a few dollars and we will only use this text for a few weeks.
The information below is work I did a few years ago using another site:
Look at the first three PowerPoint presentations under the topic CGI/Perl. Presentations
This sheet shows setting the cgi to 755 as required. Setting cgi to 755
Look at the code for the programs which can be opened under Printed code to accompany examples for week #1. You can also download many (not all) of the examples from the beginning cgi/perl and beginning HTML. Examples
The examples I want you to go over are zipped.
Using the web site: Using WinSCP3
Do one of the hands on projects from chapter #1 and one of the case projects from chapter #2. If you do not have a site yet, write them and put them online when you get a site.
If you do not have a user id and password, contact me. Remember, when you make cgi files, you need to go into properties and set the rights to 755.


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