Notes for CIS56 - Visual Basic

Notes Click on links to retrieve
Relational database rules Relational database - normalization rules
Notes on DreamSpark DreamSpark
Register DreamSpark Account
Download Access The same techniques apply to other things you need to download
Burn ISO to CD
Install and Register (Access)
SQL Server Using SQL server database Smartboard notes
Wiki creating SQL Server Database
Information on color Color Codes
Color chart
Color code information and links - interesting information
Another color reference
Logic notes Notes on breaks
Notes on top down sort
Notes on bubble sort
Minor, Intermediate and Major break logic and processing
    Separate speaker notes to accompany Minor, Intermediate, and Major break logic and processing
Notes on ADO and Access Notes on ADO Data Controls
Notes on Access

These notes are from another course.
They are provided as a resource.
They are not a requirement of this course!
Many examples taken from CIS120:
Sample Access 2010 database Note there is an accompanying Presentation explaining this database under presentations (scroll down to see)
Note that the Access 2007 databases can be accessed using Access 2010.
Sample payroll database using Access 2007
In class project database using Access 2007
Access Database for asgn1
Download steps for downloading Access Database
Sample payroll database using Access 2007
In class project database using Access 2007
Presentations to accompany examples of Access 2010/2007:
Access 2010 example explanation - database is under examples
Zipped version of Access 2010 presentation and the database
Zipped version of Access 2007 Introduction
Access 2007 Inventory example
Presentation for asgn1 - Assignment #1
    Separate speaker notes to accompany asgn1
Assignment #1 for Access 2007 in pdf format
Presentation for if queries in Access
    Separate speaker notes to accompany if queries in Access
Creating a DB in Access 2007
Zipped Donor DB and PowerPoint
Earlier vaersions of Access:
Intro to Access 97
Introduction to relationships
More on relationships and queries
Information on filters Written for Access97
Data properties Written for Access97
Building a table Written for Access2000
Function examples Written for Access2000
Introduction to forms Written for Access97
More information on forms Written for Access97
Creating a form using studentrel00.mdb Written for Access2000
Creating a form with buttons Written for Access2000
More options on forms Written for Access2000
Creating a form menu Written for Access2000
Macros Written for Access2000
Introduction to reports Written for Access2000
Data manipulation in reports Written for Access2000
Visual Basic in Access Introduction to VB Access Written for Access97
Continuation of VB Access Introduction Written for Access97
If statements in VB Access Written for Access97
More on IF with nesting Written for Access97
Loops in VBAccess
Call and pass in VBAccess
Experiments with VB - calculation, loop, array
Example of Visual Basic in a payroll form
Examples of Visual Basic using option buttons
Examples of navigation using Visual Basic
Example using VB for menu choices
Example of DoCmd in VB
Example of switchboard
Example of hyperlink and introduction to web
DAO with Access and VB
Web pages
Notes on SQL SQL from Access
Generic notes on SQL
VB>NET Notes on VB.NET and ADO

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